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Greetings from a former Army Comm Weenie

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  • Greetings from a former Army Comm Weenie

    Greetings all,

    After being properly chastised for not posting a message here, I thought I'd better.

    I'm a small business owner, small l libertarian and I reside in the great state of New Hampshire though I'm originally from Eastern Oregon. I've been trying to keep some semblance of preparedness for the last few decades, have been an avid gun guy since my earliest memories working in my Dad's hardware store selling ammo. I've been a ham operator for the last couple decades, and was in Communications when I served in the Army (82-86). - 26V so I worked on line of sight microwave communications and the closest I got to to being in the field was Basic. I was stationed for my entire stint in Maryland, and for some reason, have bucked the southern trend and continued to move further north.

    New Hampshire suits me; the population is naturally more libertarian but still fall into their two party comfort zones. This year our General Court considered putting secession on the ballot and it was soundly defeated despite pockets of support. I think peacefully leaving the country is a rational response to Washington overreach and no understanding of classic economics. I think if there were a state that wasn't part of the US were presented with the opportunity to join the US as it exists today the proposer would be road out of town on a rail. It's sad to see the end of what was a brilliant idea in it's final death throes with no one to blame but those of us who propped it up for years. That is my greatest regret.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the Going Home series and it has helped plug some holes in my planning and pointed out somethings I hadn't even considered. To Chris, I am grateful for his continued work on the series.



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    Welcome home, Oregonism! You're in good company. Several of us here are hams, and I spent 3 years operating RTTY and CW on HF in the Army from '59 to '62. My overseas tour was 6 months in Greenland.


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      Hmmm... seems like I'm the only member of the welcoming committee who's not asleep at the switch. Sorry about that, Oregonism. Maybe the rest will wake up eventually and chime in.


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        We are all sleeping at the moment.
        Sometimes I wrestle with my demons, other times we just snuggle.


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          <Yawwwn> What a great nap, sorry for the delayed response. It's been a bit slow around here, and I got lax about checking in.

          Welcome aboard. I'm in south-central New Mexico, right at the tip of the Texas Finger that points to Arizona/ California.

          I have spent the vast majority of my 50+ years on earth in this desert climate. I've been a ham since the early 1990s, upgrading to Extra a few years ago. However, I have to admit that my HF gear is currently in a weatherproof tote out in my barn. I haven't picked up a mic in about 6 or 7 years, other than to move it out of the way.

          I too am an avid gun guy, as well as reloader and bullet caster.

          Again, welcome to the fray.
          Defund the Media !!


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            Have a good look around. We've been a bit lazy about the content since we have a fair bit now, but the boss doesn't come around much (trying to keep his wife's adult beverages out of his keyboard, lol!)
            quam minimum credula postero