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Folding J-Pole Antenna

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  • Folding J-Pole Antenna

    Here's a PDF instructional on how to build a folding/backpackable rigid copper J-pole antenna that is held together by a bungee. Take it out of its bag and start unfolding it, and it literally jumps together, ready to connect your radio and talk.

    I saw one demonstrated at our ham club meeting a couple of months ago, and it's a handy setup. It has an adjustable match section to adjust SWR.

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    That's pretty slick. I have a roll-up H-ladder type antenna I use to toss up in a tree but often times I find myself in the desert and there really isn't anything I can get that antenna up with. That J-pole might just fit the bill. What's your opinion of how difficult it is to adjust the SWR? I assume you can just take a sharpie and mark everything off in case it moves.
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      Yes, I think a Sharpie would work, unless you move the match a lot, it which case it will wear the marks off. Might use a nail or some such to etch the markings into the copper. You'll need a wood, plastic or fiberglass pole to give it some elevation. Can't attach it to a metal pole. I haven't tried it myself, but that's what the guy who demonstrated it said.

      If you have an antenna analyzer it should be a snap to set the SWR, then scratch or etch your lines into the copper.


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        Interesting idea... I might just have learned a little something antennas in the process.