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    So many people have trouble with the "how long does my bleach last?" "How do I use bleach in an emergency?" and "But crisis situations last longer than that, don't they?" questions.

    If you aren't aware of the issue, ask most of the extremely rural folk of southern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and parts of southern Alabama, and south eastern Texas how long they waited on major infrastructure repairs after Hurricane Katrina.

    Anyway, I went looking for something more recent than some of the info I had on hand that dated back to WWII (ok, so some of what I have is older, some newer ...)

    Get this, view & print, download & save, whatever. But don't say I didn't try.
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    quam minimum credula postero

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    I just had a look, can't get there from my phone, and the software is trying to say that it no longer exists.
    quam minimum credula postero


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      On my computer's Firefox, it says the connection is not secure, and Firefox will not connect to it.