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Thread: cattle market summary

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    cattle market summary

    this guy posts about every day on farm market issues . This is on flood and winter loses .
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    I had not seen this guy's report before. Some of the things he seems suprised about, like placements, seem logical to me.

    The grain losses, when totaled, will be interesting. The demand from China, hogs going so high, lost grain, and death losses from the storms should drive the market higher.

    Hay should drive much higher too. There was a lot lost, but more importantly, a lot of land damage in high quality hay areas. The drought in parts of Texas Oklahoma and southern Kansas will affect that as well.

    It makes me glad we raise a fair bit of our own. I have two hogs to butcher as well as a goat. I guess beef will be off the menu if prices keep doing what they should. Now, if we could just get the world market to accept more of our meat products to drive our prices rather than losses and higher inputs driving them, the farmers might make some money.

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