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Thread: I have a criticism of the Going Home series (Spoilers)

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    A couple of things I see. First, as I understand it, if the solar system was all disconnected, and I think it was, there may not have been enough of an antenna effect to damage it.

    As to the ham station, again, if not connected to an antenna or ground during the event, they may survive according to my tiny bit of understanding. According to a court of guys locally, it is good practice to disconnect the radios when not in use. They said most people don't, but it is a good practice. Does it say specifically they burned the ham equipment?

    I agree Morgan came through a lot unscathed, but you can't tell a story if the person telling it is dead.

    Personally, I liked Deep Winter, but his family had the same sort of luck. An ex CIA trained agent running a landscapd business and being prepared with all of what he had? One Second After, another wonderful book, but the main character had similar, if not more realistic, luck to survive.

    It is all a story line, entertainment.
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    Like Redman, I really enjoyed the Deep Winter series, however, I enjoyed the first book far more than the rest of them. I forget what the name of the zombie-mind-control food additive was called, but that's kind of how I see High Fructose Corn Syrup. You REALLY have to work at it to get away from that stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redman2006 View Post
    Does it say specifically they burned the ham equipment?
    Well, they burn the guy's trailer and never mention his HAM equipment ever again. So I'm assuming so....

    Quote Originally Posted by redman2006 View Post
    I agree Morgan came through a lot unscathed, but you can't tell a story if the person telling it is dead.
    There's a difference between coming through unscathed and Morgan probably eating better AFTER the apocalypse than he ever did before it. Seriously the guy probably gained 20 pounds by the time the tenth book was done with as many feasts and BBQs he attended.

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    I can see the OP's point of view Morgan is one of the luckiest prepared guys in the Apocalypse, but then again isn't that what makes him an awesome character. Not to mention he has Sarge around to take care of his ass :-p
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    Quote Originally Posted by Survivalist View Post
    There was also his neighbor who had a totally working HAM radio system that survived as well. Never any mention of how that made it. And then they burned it to the ground when the neighbor died because I guess they knew they wouldn't need it.

    This was something that jumped out at me. It makes no sense to let a functioning HAM radio get burned up just because you don't need it 'now'. It could have stored, used as trade, something.

    I also think that Morgan seems to be coming up with most of the solutions. I would have liked to see other people come up with refreshing the batteries.

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    They probably didn't want to fight the stench of the house to go back in for the radio gear. That would have been a pretty powerful motivator for me. Just burn it and get rid of the smell.

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    I believe that Morgan was prepared for what happened. He obviously had been prepping for some time.

    Also, part of my husband and my prepping is talking to our neighbors and others we know to see who might have assets (physical or food or etc) if we ever needed help. We know our neighbors pretty well and we know which ones can easily help us in some way. We know our own assets and values and how we can trade and barter for those things we may need. I think Morgan has done this too and that's why things comes easier to him.

    I love the series and despite things mostly going his way, I learn a lot even though I know the story is fictional. This is coming from someone who never prepped before even reading the first book. It's the first book that got me thinking about that stuff.

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    Survivalist, I understand where youíre coming from on this. And I respect the opinions you have expressed.
    But I must disagree.
    To say Morgan never wanted for anything and experienced no hardships is simply not true.
    I will offer some examples.
    1) The first hardship would be having to walk 250 miles to get home to your family. Itís easy to talk about. But walking 250 miles with just what you can carry to sustain you, not an easy thing to do.
    2) Having to take a human life (3 times in the first few days)
    3) Being shot in the head by friendly fire while trying to escape the group from the night before.
    4) having their gas stolen after dropping Jess off and having to get it back.
    5) once home having to ďdealĒ with Pat and her crew.
    6) having his daughter,Regie and himself shot during the cookout.
    7) having to flee his home with his family to the cabins on the river.
    8) Regie shot and killed
    9) ran out of toilet paper. Had to use rags
    10) no running water at the cabins
    11) DHS destroyed his home
    12) started running low on food. Had to scavenge through abandoned homes for food left behind.
    13) had to fight a wildfire that threatened to burn their homes.
    14) Jeff is killed
    15)another daughter is blown up when the bomb goes off.
    16)men try to abduct his daughters
    17) Morgan is shot a third time
    18) Bobbie is killed
    19) has to help in the final attack on DHS with his daughter by his side.
    20) No AC.
    Florida summers are brutal!

    I didnít list everything, just those off the top of my head. And I would definitely consider those hardships and wanting for things.
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    And it's mentioned that prior to the event, money spent on preps meant not spending on vacations, cruises, toys, fancy evenings out, etc.
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