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Thread: Wild horses WTF

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    Wild horses WTF

    They just had a news piece on them in Az and how they were having a bad time because of the drought , will that comes with being wild . People were feeding them and doing a program for birth control , WILL that makes them less than wild , so are they that wild anymore ? The rules of nature are harsh and no fun but sticking their nose where it doesn't belong can change the balance to even worse .

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    Problem is, they are feral not wild. They damage land and use the resources native wildlife compete for. They are just a prettier version of feral pigs.

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    Same crap the tree huggers do around here, plant "wildflowers" everywhere then pass ordinances so you can't mow the right of way. I was pretty sure that by planting it they were the very definition of domestic flowers. But then these are the same folks that were offended because the BBC called people in London "Blacks" and not "African-Americans".........
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