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Thread: Fence lines

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    Fence lines

    Anyone who has fences knows what a pain it can be to keep them clear of brush. The more fence the bigger the headache. Compound that when the previous owner didn't do all that great a job and you've been playing catch up. I got something this weekend that has made it a bit easier to get caught up and maybe even ahead of it. While walking around Northern tool with a few pesos burning a hole in my pocket I saw the brush grubber line of products. The BG-01 was just what I was looking for. It does trees/brush from 1/2" to 3" and will work with and ATV or tractor. I hoped that it would be better that my current process of double wrapping a nylon pull strap around the base of the tree. That only worked on larger trees and more often than not slipped up the trunk of smooth bark trees.

    I put it though its paces today and it actually works pretty much as advertised. 1/2" may be a bit small as the "tree" sometimes slips through the spikes on the jaws. I got it to work on trees a bit larger than 3" but it does depend on species, roots system and soil conditions. They show it used by using a chain looped the tow ball on whatever your using. I used the grab hook on my bucket loader and it worked well.
    If your going to do a lot of trees I suggest a 2 person crew. I wore myself out getting on and off the tractor. Still I was able to get nearly a 1/2 mile done today which had a stretch that was thick with young trees for about 100'.

    I got the GB-01 which is normally $59 for $45. I believe this runs through 11/6. They also have larger units that are also on sale at the moment.


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