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Thread: Your rigs

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    Your rigs

    Hey everyone, please forgive me if there is already a post with this subject. Iíve looked and searched vehicles and didnít find much.

    I was wondering what everyone, if they donít mind sharing, what they are personally using for bug out vehicles trailers.

    I know a lot of people have new, but Iím going old school. My buddy and I have both gone square body crew cabs from the 70ís. Thought process is they are very easy to work on and pretty cheap to find, but you have to be very careful of the cancer. My buddy has 1 complete for his cousin and his is almost done also.

    Here is what I am doing which is a little different: currently a 79 2wd crew cab with surface rust only, yes we pulled the rubber mat inside as you will miss a lot of rust if you just look from underneath. Iím putting a 1ton front driveline with dana 60. The rear is going to be a narrowed dually, you can get these from factory older chevy motor homes (class cís For sure, not sure about the width on the old class Aís, but might be the same) and will only have to install fender flares and nu tubs on the inside or out. It will have a Dana 60 minimum. Paint will be up in the air on color as the little woman wants it to match the trailer (will list in a minute). Will be putting a 12v (Iím remembering 89-93, but could have a couple years off) Cummins turbo diesel and 5sp manual. Will only put a 2 inch body lift to fit 35ís under it. Interior will have 01 Silverado buckets with a square body/k5 console. Rear seat will be also out of a 01. My brother in law owns his own fabrication shop and will be doing custom bumpers (both with a winch) and other odds and ends like an under body air compressors. Already has the two factory tanks and will be adding a square body suburban tank in the spare tire carrier area. Spare tires will go in the rear of the truck. Should give me a 1500 mile range.

    Camper is a 69 alladyn that my little ladies parents bought brand new and handed it down. In almost perfect conditions on the inside, but her ex had a crappy repaint and repair to the left rear. It has a little dry rot so it needs repaired.

    Little womanís (bugout) rig is a 76 k5 blazer with 1 ton axles and havenít decided wether to make it a Cummins too. She will be towing a square body truck trailer. Iím looking for a 60ís Pullman canopy that has the slide out top.

    We have everyday cars for work/play, but they would be left behind unless I can figure out a way to purchase and mount some browning .50ís to a corvette, that would be cool!

    What do you all have and if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to improve what I have please let me know.

    Again, sorry if this has been posted before.

    Thanks, Terry


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    Dang, that's one heck of a truck that will hold a 90 degree slant like that! At this point, here's the only BOV that I have....

    2018-04-05 12.57.16.jpg
    I'm so awesome that my doctor gave me a special jacket so that I can hug myself.

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    Current plan is to shelter in place unless there is a Cascadia event, then will just have to play it by ear, I do have an evolving BOB for that contingency. Current rig is a 2wd '04 Ram 1500, it has my big 2 meter ham radio in it (Motorola Spectra reprogrammed for ham and some emergency services frequencies) and wife has a '15 Jeep Trailhawk so that would give us some decent off-road capabilities. No trailer at the moment.

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    No dedicated bov. But we have a solid old 4wd 12 valve cummins that would be a solid option. That thing runs better on old transformer oil than on deisel. We also picked up a cheap camper to use. It is the only way I get to go anywhere since my schedule is always screwy. One day, a ham set up would be a great addition to the camper.

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    We're in the shelter in place camp and would only BO if absolutely necessary. We'd be staying here because we really don't have a better option. If we did need to hit the road we can use the horse trailer as a camper. With or without the horses.

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    Ok I will play.

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    Our truck (K1500) is old enough to vote and buy booze now, but it's still running.


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    Here's mine, but I plan on staying in farm country

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