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Thread: prepping

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    Ya, but you always get those who don't think it applies to them.
    Drinking from the skull of your enemy is more eco-friendly than plastic cups.

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    You better have supplies, skills, or preferably, a combination of both or you're not getting in the gate.

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    A lot of people prep with the only goal being to live another day. I would submit that there needs to be something more than breathing another day.

    7.4 billion people continue breathing as of this moment in time. Many of which have been reduced to that goal alone for years on end, with only some of them getting out of that ditch. The ones I know personally all ended up shooting for something more than just breathing. It doesn't take long to get in the ditch, but it's a fight to get out of it.
    When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future: Edward Lorenz

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