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Thread: Non-Fiction book - any input?

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    Sent in the proposal right before the weekend. Haven't heard anything yet.

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    Write it and they will come.

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    I have had people ask me how to get started so many times. People with not a lot of money. I try to remember back on the very first things that I got. I think I spent $100 on my first purchases. I remember getting beans & rice right off. I also purchased several packs of seeds. Then I think in that first $100 I bought some medicine such as tylenol, aspirin, neosporin etc. Also some fire starters such as wooden kitchen matches and a few multi packs of bic lighters.
    I saw your post on what you would buy if you had a thousand dollars. I was not sure if you meant starting out or if we wanted to spend that on "extra" preps or additional preps for what we have already??

    I am more the type to do it in $20-$30 increments. There is just so much to worry about and buy. I would love to have at least $10,000 to use on preps, I don't have that but feel good about adding a bit here & there. When you first start, it is overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. But once you begin, you just add to it as you can.
    I'm a ding bat & AA groupie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graywolf View Post
    Working with a team is a whole section on its own. You definitely can't do it on your own if SHTF. There's just too many things to do, too many hours in the day and too many skills to learn.
    Great point. The hard part is finding trustworthy teammates.

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    Hello, new here, I did not see a mention of martial arts. I have found great people, motivated, goal driven and honest at the studios I have studied at. The self defense and being in good shape is helpful as well. I would look more to the traditional arts rather than the more fashionable hard arts. The traditional arts draw people that want to improve themselves in more ways than physically. My family and friends study ITF style tae kwon do. I have visited good hapkido, karate and Judo schools. Good luck look forward to what you come up with.

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    The section on staying sane - if I had to sum it up as a chapter title - 'Mindset' in that you could cover the why behind prepping as you mentioned earlier but also the questions you need to reflect on to determine where you are and what you need to do as well as how to get there. Living in Australia things are quite different (equipment primarily be it weapons, food, comms, etc) but the basics are the same (skills, mindset, forward planning), as well as a guide to how to prioritise your shopping based on your situation and scenario you are prepping for.

    Thats my 2cents.

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