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    The book is available at amazon.


    Orphaned at birth Emmett Jack West, Changing his name to Rikker and turned to bounty hunting at a young age to support his habit of eating. A lonely job, but the pay was good. Facing the possibility of death that lurked in every darkened corner. Quite by accident came face to face with his biological father, a father he had never seen in these twenty years. Upon learning the name of his mother strikes out on a personal vendetta to see out her whereabouts.

    Returning to his hometown to find his first true love, a long time childhood sweetheart. Surprisingly finds out he has a second family.

    Rikker on Amazon

    Rikker on Amazon, Kindle Edition

    About the Author

    Born and raised in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at Three Forks Montana known as the headwaters of the Missouri river, One hundred years to late, but always a cowboy at heart. Moving to Livingston where I grew up. Spending a year tour of duty in Korea With the United States Air Force,I became a model maker, building miniature scale models of airplanes for Boeing Air Craft Company.Moving to Texas, I spent most of my life building scale models for NASA and engineering companies. Constructing models of ships, petrochemical plants and offshore drilling platforms.In Houston I met my beautiful wife Gloria, a native born Houstonian. Who has been my inspiration to paint and write.I am self-taught, having never taken art of writing lessons.Upon retiring we moved to Austin, Texas where we now reside, spending many hours painting and at my computer writing western stories.
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