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Thread: A decision is needed

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    A decision is needed

    Both men stopped firing and stood there watching the smoke rise. The others on the deck across from them were running for the exit, rounding the corner and heading down the ramp, out of site. Bob was brought out of his trance by the sounds of shouting on the road below. Looking down he could officers helping their fallen to the truck. The crowd had fallen back farther down the block, probably as a result of the gun fire. Carlos looked up and gave Bob a wave, he waved back just as Carlos climbed into the back of the truck and shut the door. It quickly started to move, heading back the way it came.

    Daniel was still just standing there gawking at the scene across the street from him, at the man he just killed. The man was sprawled out, like someone in the middle of making a snow angle. He was jarred back to reality by his phone ringing. At first he didn’t notice it, the vibrating is what finally got his attention. Plucking the phone from the clip he looked at it and was confused. He shook his head and looked again, it was his home number on the screen.



    “Yeah, who the hell is this?”

    “It’s Teague.”


    “Yeah, your cousin.”

    “How the hell did you get in my house?”

    “The door was open, hope you don’t mind that let myself in.”

    Daniel had to think about that for a minute, he was certain he locked the door, it would stupid to go out and not lock it.

    “Uh, yeah, sure, what are you doing in town?”

    “Just bumming around, thought I’d drop in and see ya, when you coming home?”

    “Don’t know, things are a little… weird at work today.”

    “I bet, been watching the news, looks like the ****s hit the fan downtown.”

    Daniel looked back across the street, “You have no idea, just hang out, I’ll call you when I head home.”

    “Cool, I’ll be here, drinking your beer.”

    Daniel ended the call, hoping there was somewhere he could buy some beer on the way home because he damn sure was going to need a drink after today.

    “Who was that?” Bob asked.

    “My cousin, just came into town.”

    “He sure picked a ****ed up time for a visit.”

    “Yeah, well he hasn’t never been real bright. We grew up together, spent all our summers together tear assin’ around the woods, ya know, just being kids.”

    “Let’s head back to my office.”

    When they walked in Andy was replaying the video of the shooting, he caught on to what was happening and trained a camera on the top deck of the garage. Daniel glanced at the screen, then looked away, the scene playing over and over in his head as bad enough, he didn’t need to see a live action replay. Bob walked by without noticing the video. He went straight to his office, Daniel followed him. Bob leaned his rifle by the door in his office, Daniel did likewise.

    Bob snatched a coffee cup from his desk and looked into it, dried coffee crusted the bottom of it. He wiped it out with the tail of his tie, then set it down on the desk and repeated the process with another. Opening the bottom drawer of his desk he pulled a bottle of Johnny Walker blue label and poured two fingers in each cup, handing one to Daniel.

    Daniel took the cup and looked into it, at the little brown bits floating around in the amber whiskey, **** it, he thought and tossed the Scotch back. He followed it with a hard exhale and looked at Bob.

    “Damn that’s good, thanks I needed it.”

    Bob tossed his back and bared his teeth, he looked like a werewolf. Picking up the bottle he poured another in each cup, “You need another.”

    Daniel didn’t even hesitate this time, though he only downed half of it in the first swallow, actually taking a moment to savor it. He motioned with the cup at the bottle, “Must be nice having that in your desk.”

    “Conditions are what you make ‘em”

    “I guess, couldn’t pull that off downstairs.”

    Bob smiled as he lit a cigarette, “Who’s going to search me?”

    Daniel looked out towards Andy, sitting at his console, the video of the shooting was gone and he was panning the exterior cameras around.

    “Wonder how things are going outside, I’d like to get the hell out of here if I could.” Daniel said.

    “Let’s go see.”

    At the moment the street was relatively clear, the mobs had dispersed, fighting tear gas and clubs is one thing, taking bullets was more than most of them bargained for.

    “How’s it look Andy?” Bob asked.

    “Looks like the animals have returned to their cages for now.”

    “Bob I’m going to take off, I’m sure your cop buddy will want to talk to me, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

    Bob stared at the monitor for a moment, rubbing his chin then looked at his watch.

    “Go ahead, go home, you too Andy.”

    Andy spun around in his chair, “You sure boss?”

    “Yeah, you two get gone while the gettin’s good.”

    “What about you?” Daniel asked.

    “Me? Oh, I’ll stay here and keep an eye on things, there’s still guys in the building so I’ll be alright.”

    “Alright, I’m outta here.” Daniel said.

    Andy leapt from his chair, “Me too.”

    “Before you go Daniel, come in here.” Bob said as he walked into his office.

    Bob opened the top drawer of his desk and took out a business card and handed it to Daniel, “If you have any trouble, I mean any with the cops, give them this card and call me. Call me before they get to you if you can, this time don’t ****in’ forget.”

    Daniel looked at the card, Lt. Carlos Delgado Atlanta Police Department. Complete with office, fax and best of all, cell phone numbers.

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    A decision is needed

    Okay, her is the first part, more tomororw.

    WR, send me PM, I have a guy that does them charp.

    Daniel looked at the card, Lt. Carlos Delgado Atlanta Police Department. Complete with office, fax and best of all, cell phone numbers. He stuck the card in his pocket and headed for the door.

    “Hey, when you coming back?” Bob asked.

    Daniel stopped at the door and scratched his head, “Dunno, do I even need to come back?”

    That caught Bob off guard, he shrugged his shoulders before replying, “Well ya got me, just keep your phone handy in case I need to get in touch with you.”

    Andy and Daniel left the office and walked down to the garage together. Andy was parked on the first floor of the garage and Daniel’s Jeep was on the top floor.

    “Be safe.” Daniel said as they headed for the stairs.

    “You too man.”

    Andy headed down and Andy went up, taking the stairs two at a time. When he came out of the stairs on the top deck he went over to the wall and looked over the side at the street, the street was empty, like creepy empty. Daniel hopped into the Jeep and headed for the exit, tires squealing as he wound his way down through the decks. Andy was already gone and the security door was closed when he got to it. As he approached it the door began to open, he knew Bob was up there watching the cameras, he stuck his arm out and waved at the camera as he pulled through and onto the street.

    Daniel was very nervous as he drove towards home, remembering his last ride through town. To try and calm his nerves he turned on the radio. The radio blared news, telling about the riots downtown. The shooting made was not mentioned at all, he thought that was a little odd, but then without the media being able to move around the streets it wasn’t too surprising. He couldn’t take the constant talk of riots, looting, shootings and general mayhem depressed him and he switched to the MP3 player connected to the stereo.

    He wasn’t in the mood for rock and settled on Mumford and Sons instead. Before the first song was finished he saw the entrance to his apartment complex ahead and relief washed over him. Pulling into his spot in front of his building he shut off the Jeep and sat there for a moment, looking around and listening. He was nervous as all hell, not there was any obvious danger at the moment, it was simply becoming a way of life.

    Before getting out he dug around in his bag and found his flashlight. With the light in one hand and his pocket knife in the other he got out and headed for his apartment. As he went up the stairs he had the key ready and stuck it in the deadbolt as soon as he reached it. Daniel quickly opened the door and froze in his tracks. He was staring into a giant black hole, at least it looked giant from where he stood.

    “Oh, sorry dude, didn’t know it was you.” Teague said as he lowered the pistol.

    “*******, you scared the **** outta me!” Daniel shouted.

    “Sorry bro’, it’s a little scary out there right now.” Teague replied as Daniel stepped past him into his apartment. Teague stepped out of the door and looked around before closing it.

    Daniel went straight for the fridge, he needed a beer. Pulling one out he opened it and took a long drink, downing half the bottle. When he lowered the bottle Teague was standing there. Daniel set the bottle on the counter and looked at Teague.

    “What the **** man?”

    “Sorry dude, you been out there? It’s ****ing scary.”

    “If you only knew.”

    From the back of the apartment a voice called out, “Is it safe?”

    “Who the hell is that?” Daniel asked.

    “****, forgot, yeah, come on out.” Teague called out.

    Daniel leaned forward to see who was coming and saw Christy as she rounded the corner.

    Her face lit up when she saw Daniel and quickly moved towards him, “Hey babe, I’m so glad you’re here!” She shouted as she wrapped her arms around him.

    With a beer in one hand and Christy’s arms around his neck, Daniel looked at Teague with raised eyebrows.

    “She jus’ showed up bro’.”

    Christy pulled back, then quickly leaned in and kissed him.

    “I was worried about you, the news is saying there was shooting downtown near your office, is everything ok?” Christy asked as she looked him over.

    “Yeah, I’m fine, let’s go sit down, I’m beat.”

    The three of them went into the living room, Daniel sat on the couch and Christy fell into it beside him. Teague flopped into the chair, putting his feet up on the coffee table. While he wasn’t bothered by Teague’s feet on the table, the number of empty beer bottles on it did. The TV was on and a local news anchor was going on and on about the violence downtown.

    Daniel squeezed Christy’s thigh, she looked up and smiled, “I see you’ve met my cousin Teague.”

    She smiled back at him, then looked at Teague, “Yeah, I came by, he answered the door when I knocked.”

    “Yeah, I was really lucky he dropped by since I left the door unlocked.” Daniel replied, then looked over at Teague as he took another pull off the beer.

    “What? You really need to pay more attention, especially right now.” Christy replied.

    Teague just smiled, “Indeed.”

    “Well, what brought you out to Atlanta?” Daniel asked Teague.

    “He’s wandering.” Christy replied.

    “Wandering huh?”

    “Yeah, just wanted to get out of Michigan for a while, figured I’d better do it now before there’s nothing left to see.”

    “That shouldn’t take long considering the way things are going right now.” Daniel replied.

    “How’s everyone doing up there?” Daniel asked.

    Teague looked at the floor, “Good, everyone’s good.”

    “Hmm.” Daniel replied as he finished his beer.

    “I’m starving, you got any food?” Christy asked.

    “Hell, I don’t know, take a look and see what you can find.”

    Christy jumped up, “You guys hungry?”

    Teague rolled his head on the back of the chair, “Starved.”

    “I could eat something.” Daniel replied.

    Christy headed for the kitchen, Daniel watched her leave, once she was out of earshot he sat up on the couch, “What are you doing here, really?”

    “Dude, I told ya, just wanted to travel a little.”

    “Really, that **** up there didn’t have anything to do with it did it?”

    “What ****?”

    “Dude, don’t even try to play with me, you know what I’m talking about.” Daniel fired back.

    Teague quickly sat up in the chair, “I didn’t have anything to do with it, sure some of my friends did, but I wasn’t there.”

    “Mmm hmm, I figured it was something like that, all that antigovernment crap you use to spout off.”

    “You guys want a burger and some onion rings?” Christy called out.

    “Hell yeah!” Teague called out.

    “Sounds good babe.”

    Teague leaned towards Daniel and tried to whisper, “Dude, she is hawt!”

    “I heard that.” Christy shouted, her back to them at the stove.

    Daniel smiled, “The problem is she knows it too.”

    “Hey, I heard that too, watch it mister!” Daniel looked over to see her pointing a spatula at him.

    Daniel smiled and Teague let out a loud laugh.

    “You know I love ya babe.” Daniel said.

    Christy’s back was to him, watching the burgers on the stove, “Whatever!”

    “So you really didn’t have anything to do with it?” Daniel asked.

    “No, I told you, I’m just on vacation.”

    “Cool, let’s find something to watch, how’s those burgers babe?” Daniel shouted.

    “Burned if you keep it up.”

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    A decision is needed

    Carlos sat at his desk with his head in his hands. All the riots lately have taken a lot out of everyone, now things were going to a whole new level. Roberts and Andrews were in the hospital with gunshot wounds, things were definitely getting serious. The fact that all weapons were now outlawed made no difference, most people didn’t turn them in, certainly not the typical gang banger. Hell, even he didn’t put all his on the forms he had to fill out as a law enforcement officer. They said he could keep his, but Carlos didn’t trust the government anymore than the people currently burning down the city. The only difference between him and the rioters is he wasn’t ready to start lighting fires, yet.

    Another officer walked by him and paused, “Hey Carlos, they’re gonna be alright, word from the ER is neither of them had serious wounds.”

    Carlos looked up, “Thanks man, that’s good, real good.”

    The other officer quickly moved off and Carlos looked at his desk, it was mounded with paperwork that needed done but he just didn’t have the energy or give-a-**** to do it. Under the new laws, the use of the rifle in the riot changed things in the entire dynamic of how the city would deal with them from now. The first thing the APD did was to call the FBI and tell them of the shooting of two of their officers. Now in addition to the state investigation into the shooting there would be a federal one as well, but that was above his pay grade and other people had to worry about that. He knew thought that at some point he would probably be interviewed by the FBI and the GBI, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

    His phone rang and Carlos picked it up without even thinking, “Carlos”.

    “Carlos, this is Richard Folsom with the FBI, I’m on my way down, can you hang out till I get there?”

    Carlos rocked back in his chair and looked at the ceiling shaking his head, “Yeah sure, how long till you get here?”

    “My team will be there in about fifteen minutes.”

    “Rubbing a hand through his hair he replied, “I’ll be right here, got nothing better to do right now.”

    “Thanks”, came the terse reply before the line went dead.

    Carlos hung up the phone then rocked back in his chair, “Well ****!”

    “What’s wrong?” A female voice asked from behind him.

    Carlos spun around to see detective Nora Fitz from the vice squad, “Some **** from the FBI is on his way down here to interview me I assume.”

    “****? That’s a little harsh isn’t it?” She asked with a smile.

    “No, he’s a real ****, some guy named Richard Folsom.”

    “****” Nora said shaking her head, “That’s damn funny.” She added as she walked away.


    Daniel, Christy and Teague sat and ate the hamburgers and the homemade potato chips Christy made. Teague was stuffing a couple in his mouth, his head slightly back, looking at her, not only was she hot but the girl could cook. The TV was on CNN, footage of riots from all over the country flashed across the screen. The ticker at the bottom slowly crawled across the screen with other news facts. The NYSE had been shut down at 1:00PM when the circuit breakers kicked in due to excessive losses. In California police were looking for whoever attacked a Girl Scout campout, killing three young girls.

    “What’s going on at work, it must be crazy down there?” Christy asked between bites of her burger.

    The question caught Daniel off guard and he almost choked on a mouthful of potatoes, recovering he looked up, “Ah, yeah, you might say that.”

    Christy and Teague both sat there looking at him, waiting for more, when he didn’t continue Teague said, “And?”

    “And, what?” Daniel replied.

    “What happened?” Christy asked.

    “Nothing, nothing really, just the same stuff you see there.” Daniel said pointing at the TV.

    Teague looked at the big screen, “More than I’d want to deal with, that’s part of the reason I left Michigan.”

    “Me too, I haven’t been anywhere near downtown.” Christy said.

    Daniel looked over at Teague, “Yeah, some bad **** up there huh.”

    Teague stared at the screen, “Yeah.”

    “How long is Teague staying here?” Christy asked.

    “I don’t know, how long are you staying here?” Daniel asked.

    Teague just shrugged his shoulders, “I guess till you kick me out.”

    “So you’re leaving tomorrow then?”

    “Daniel, that’s not very nice.” Christy fired back.

    Teague just laughed and Daniel followed suit, “He can stick around, I don’t care.”

    After finishing their burgers Daniel said he was tired and wanted to go bed, Christy said she’s go with him and Teague said he was going to stay up and watch TV for a while. Daniel went to a closet and got out extra blankets for Teague and threw them at him before heading to bed.

    Teague was sleeping with his face wedged into the joint between the arm and the back of the sofa sound asleep. He opened his eyes, was it a noise? Laying there seeing only the fabric of the couch he listened. Knock, knock, knock, resonated from the door, very loudly and with force. Teague bolted upright, his blanket covering half of his head. The knock came again, he jumped up, looking around not sure what to do.

    Looking back at the door he called out, “Who is it?”

    After a brief pause came the reply, “Agent Richard Folsom with the FBI.”

    Teague’s mouth fell open and it took a conscious effort on his part not to **** on himself. For a moment he didn’t know what to do, quickly crossing the room he pulled his pistol from his bag and checked the action. Moving back to the door he looked through the peep, there were two men outside. That struck him as odd, if the FBI knew he was there they would send the same SRT team to kick in the door as they did everyone else.

    “What do you need?” Teague called out.

    “Is Daniel here?”

    Teague jerked his head back, looking at the door. Daniel, they wanted Daniel? “Uh, yeah, let me get him.”

    Teague headed for Daniel’s room, stopping by the bathroom he shoved his pistol into the center of a stack of towels on a shelf over the toilet, then went to opened Daniel’s door and opened it, Daniel and Christy were laying there, and Christy slept commando.

    “Dude, the FBI’s here.”

    Daniel was asleep when the door opened, all he heard was FBI and here. Sitting up in the bed rubbing his eyes he asked, “What, who?”

    Teague was half leaning into the dark room holding onto the doorknob, “The FBI is at the door asking for you.”

    “What, the FBI, for what?” Daniel asked as he got out of bed.

    “How the hell would I know.”

    “What’s going on?” Christy asked as she sat up, covering herself with a sheet.

    “The FBI’s here babe.” Daniel said.

    “The FBI, for what, what’s going on?”

    “I don’t know.”

    The knock sounded from the door again. Teague looked over his shoulder, “Dude, you better go find out what they want.”

    “Yeah, I’m going, I’m going”, Daniel said as he pulled on a pair of shorts.

    “I’m gonna grab a shower.” Teague said as he headed for the bathroom.

    Daniel walked past him and headed for the living room as Teague went into the bathroom. Closing the door Teague leaned against the door trying not to lose it, looking at the stack of towels he reached in and pulled the pistol out, looking at it. Looking around the bathroom he knew he had to find a place to hide but still have it handy. The obvious places would be searched and he about to just stick it under the sink when his eyes fell on the toilet.

    Gently taking the cover off the tank he laid his Rock River 1911 into the bottom and replaced the cover. He quickly turned on the water, making it exceptionally hot and got into the shower. He was so nervous all he could do was stand there and stare at the curtain in the direction of the door.
    Read more at 99

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    A decision is needed

    Daniel turned on a lamp by the sofa as he headed for the door, the looked through the peep. Two men in blue windbreakers with FBI in yellow letters were standing there, obviously annoyed. They looked up simultaneously as he opened the door.

    “Sorry, I was still asleep.” Daniel said.

    “I’m Richard Folsom, this Chris Collins, can we come in?”

    Daniel rubbed the back of his neck, “What’s this about?”

    “What happened at the bank yesterday.”

    “Oh, that, yeah, come on in.”

    The two men followed him in, Daniel flopped onto the sofa, threw his feet out on the coffee table and crossed his arms over his chest. Agent Folsom took a seat in the chair, the other one just stood there looking around.

    “Who else is here?” Agent Collins asked.

    Daniel looked back over the sofa, “Yeah, my girlfriend an my cousin.”

    Agent Collins looked back towards the bedroom, “Where are they?”

    “She’s back there, I think he’s in the shower, so what can I help you guys with?”

    Agent Folsom set out a notepad on the table and flipped through some pages for a moment looking at the notes intently. Looking up he asked Daniel to tell him what happened.

    “I guess you’re asking about the shooting?”

    “That’d be a good place to start.” Folsom said with a nod.

    Before Daniel could start Christy came out and sat down on the sofa, moving away the blankets Teague had left scattered over around. Daniel looked her, then back to the agents.

    “This is my girlfriend, Christy.”

    The two agents nodded, she smiled and looked at Daniel, “What’s going on?”

    “Daniel’s about to tell us.” Collins said, everyone in the room looked at Daniel.

    He went on to describe the events on the roof of the garage, the molitov cocktails, the man with the rifle, the shooting of the two officers and finally of the LT with the APD asking for their help. When he finished he was leaning forward on his elbows looking at the table. Agent Folsom took notes as he spoke and flipped through the notebook he relayed the story.

    “You shot someone?” Christy asked with a little shock.

    Without looking up from the notebook Folsom asked, “Who fired first?”

    The question caught Daniel off guard, “Uh, the guy with the AK.”

    Looking up Folsom asked, “No, you or Bob?”

    Daniel fell back into the sofa, letting out a huff, “Um, I think I did, Bob was on the phone with the cop.”
    Folsom nodded his head, flipped through the notebook, made a note on another page then closed the book. “Well, your story lines up with Bob’s.”

    “Am I in trouble or something?” Daniel asked.

    “I don’t see any problems right now, you guys were backing up the police at their request so you’re good for now.”

    “He’s taking an awful long shower isn’t he?” Agent Collins said, stepping towards the hallway to the bathroom,

    Daniel and Christy both looked back towards him, “I guess.” Daniel said.

    “Why don’t you check on him.” Collins said.

    Daniel shrugged and stood up and headed for the bathroom. He rapped on the door, “Hey man, you still alive in there?”

    The door jerked open, Daniel jumped back a bit, bumping into Collins who was standing very close behind him. Teague stood there with a towel wrapped around his waist, drying his hair with another.

    “What’s up?” Teague asked.

    “Ah, nuthin’, just wanted to make sure you didn’t drowned.” Daniel said as he headed back to the sofa.

    Teague followed him into the livingroom with agent Collins right behind him. Teague went to his bag in the corner and bent over, opening it up. When he bent over his towel fell to the floor. Christy let out a little giggle. Teague looked back at the agents who were not the least bit amused to be staring at his bare ass. Teague picked the towel and wrapped it back around himself, collected his clothes from the bag and straightened up. He held the clothes up and smiled, then headed for the bathroom to get dressed.

    “I’ll be in touch if we need anything else.” Folsom said as he headed for the door with Collins in tow.

    Daniel followed them to the door, thanked them for coming and said he would cooperate in any way he could. After shutting the door he could hear Collins, “That kid’s a smartass.”

    Teague was in the bathroom with back against the door, leaning on the vanity for support. He was laughing so hard tears were running down his face, the only thing keeping the sound in was his hand clasped over his mouth.


    With the building empty Gene took up his preferred post while at work, in his small office in the bowels of the building. He felt at home in the engineering spaces of the giant place. Sure it wasn’t like being onboard ship, but it was as close as he could get. Asleep with his feet up on the desk when the phone rang he nearly fell out of the chair, what was left of his tuna sandwich resting on his chest falling on the floor. After flailing about for moment to regain his balance he answered the phone.


    “You awake Gene?”

    “Am now Bob, thanks, what’s up?”

    “I knew you’d still be here, you plan on going home any time soon, things are quiet outside right now if you want to bail out.”

    “Nah, I’ll just stay here, no reason to go home.”

    “Well, come on up to my office, we’ll have a drink.”

    “Sounds good to me, on my way.”

    “Say Gene, you still hiding that illegal .45 in your desk?”

    “He he, of course I do.”

    “Bring it with you then.”

    Gene found Bob at his desk, one foot propped on it. In hand was the omnipresent cigarette, in the other he cradled a glass of scotch, only this time it was in a clear tumbler. Gene fell into a chair across from him. Bob leaned forward and slid the bottle and another glass across the desk, Gene quickly poured himself a little more than two fingers of whiskey.

    Taking a sip of his whiskey Gene asked, “Why you still here, why not go home?”

    “Same reason you’re still here, nothing to go home to. Already have two ex-wives, don’t need another.”

    Gene laughed to himself, “Amen to ex-wives, mine divorced me as soon as I retired, so long as I was in the Navy and stayed gone a year at a time we were happily married.”

    “Hung around to get half of that Navy retirement huh?”

    “Yeah, damn bitch.” Gene replied laughing. “So what the hell’s going on around here?”

    Bob laughed filled his glass and gave Gene a run down on what’s happened, telling him about the riot and the shooting. When Bob wrapped it up he dropped his butt into an empty cup on the desk and refilled his glass.

    “Damn, you killed him?” Gene asked as he leaned out for the bottle.

    “I guess, they drug him off the deck so I don’t know for sure.”

    “Where’s Daniel, getting’ drunk someplace?”

    With a chuckle Bob replied, “yeah, probably, I am.”

    The phone on his desk rang, Bob looked over at, then drained his glass.

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    A decision is needed

    My thought is ....
    AA has just been giving us little snips at a time & a long time between snips. That is the way I read it. If I had read it once finished, I may feel differently about it altogether. I'll get back to you on that.

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    A decision is needed

    I think it would be best to stick to the GH series for now. It would be better to introduce it as a new series once this one has been completed.

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    A decision is needed

    I know this story posts slow, I just do not have a lot of time to write at the moment. I'm thinking of making a change that could change that though.

    As for book 3, soon maybe. I got a lot of messages from people saying they were copying the posts and pasting them into a word doc. They do not realize that it is all copyright protected material, real copyright in the Library of Congress so it opens up some issues for me that I'd rather not deal with.
    So we'll have to see, if I do it, it will be here and not on SB.

    I probably will for you guys though, just wont make it public knowledge. If someone stumbles across it that's fine, mainly for you booger eaters.

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    A decision is needed

    Us booger eaters salute you!!!! We may even understand that you have a life....but does that stop us from giving you hell???? HELL NO!!!

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    A decision is needed

    reposted from SB original post-- thank you.

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    A decision is needed

    Daniel hung up the phone and looked at Teague and Christy, “I have to go back to the office.”

    “What, why?” Christy asked.

    That was the FBI agent, he said I needed to back there and go over what happened.”

    “Dude, you want to go out in that?” Teague said pointing at the TV.

    They were watching the news and things in Atlanta were getting out of hand again. News of the shooting had found its way to the media who were now reporting on it, though they had it wrong. The story the news media was putting out was that the police had shot to rioters in downtown, there was no mention of the two officers that were wounded. This news set off the already unsettled masses in the streets.

    Atlanta wasn’t the only city having trouble, cities across the nation were in the same shape, having exactly the same troubles. Several reports of exchanges of gunfire between the police and rioters were all over the news. The incidents of shootings of both police and rioters was increasing, both sides were escalating the use of violence. The fact that the banks were still closed, EBT and debit cards were not working and no one had access to cash unless they had it on hand was combining with the rise in violence to create the perfect storm.

    “I don’t want to stay here, can I come with you?” Christy asked.

    Daniel looked away from the TV, “You guys wanna come with me, it’s certainly safer than it is here.”

    “I do, Teague, you coming?” Christy asked.

    “Sure why not, let’s go see what the belly of the beast looks like.”

    Unlike his last trip to the bank, this time Daniel wasn’t stopped by the police. There were plenty of them around but they seemed far to occupied to mess with the three of them. Daniel called Bob and told him he was on his way in, that he was told by the FBI agent to come back.

    “Yeah, I talked to the **** too, I’ll be waiting on you, when you come in pull into the underground section, I’ll open the gates for you as you pull up.”

    “Thanks Bob, by the way, I’ve got my girlfriend and cousin with me, they didn’t want to stay at my place.”

    “The more the merrier.”

    Daniel was sitting at the entrance of the garage as the gate rolled up when Teague shouted, “Holy ****!”

    Daniel looked out the window, down the block to see a squad of riot police running before a massive crowd of rioters. The officers were in full on, every man for himself retreat. The three of them sat there transfixed on the scene. They watched as one of the officers was drug down by the crowd, like the slowest Zebra in the heard. He set upon by the swirling mass of people, it wasn’t long before one person held his helmet aloft, then other pieces of the riot gear began to appear, hoisted like trophies.

    “Get your ass in gear!” Bob’s voice blared from an intercom mounted on a pedestal at the gate. Daniel’s head snapped around to see the gate was open, he floored the Jeep and was in the garage in a flash, the gate immediately began to close. The rioters were more than a block away, but Bob wasn’t taking any chances.

    Daniel shut the Jeep off, though he couldn’t tell as the engineering space he was parked in was so loud it didn’t miss the sound of the Jeep. He was looking back at Christy in the mirror when there was a knock on his window. The sudden knock caused him to jump in his seat, looking out he saw Gene standing there, the broad smile on his face hidden with those whiskers.

    Daniel stepped out as Teague got out of the passenger side, folding his seat for Christy to extricate herself from the rear seat.

    “Scare easy?” Gene asked.

    “Not usually, thanks for the effort though.”

    “Bob was afraid you’d get lost, sent me down here to make sure you didn’t get eat by the hogs.”

    “There’s hogs in the building?” Christy shouted over the din around her.

    Teague started to laugh, “no it’s an old saying, went to do **** and the hogs eat ‘im.”

    The explanation didn’t clear the issue for her, “So there’s no hogs?” she asked looking around.

    Gene let out a laugh and led the trio through a door and to a freight elevator. On the tenth floor they changed to one of the public elevators to get to Bob’s office. They found Bob where Daniel left him, sitting at his desk, cigarette in hand. Daniel looked around the office, looking for the agent.

    “The ****’s not here yet.” Bob said.

    “What do they want, what are we supposed to do?”

    Christy and Teague stepped into the office, interrupting Bob’s answer, he looked Christy up and down with raised eyebrows. He quickly stood up and offered her his hand, “Hi, I’m Bob.”

    Christy smiled and introduced herself, then looked around the dark cluttered office. She was just about to sit down when the lights went out for a brief instant before coming back on. Bob looked up at Gene who nodded and left the office.

    “What was that?” Daniel asked.
    “Andy, what’s up?” Bob called through the open door.

    Andy shouted his reply, “Power’s out, we’re on generator power now.”

    Bob excused himself, to Christy and stepped out. “See anything out there?”

    Soon everyone was in the outer office looking at the monitors. In full HD they were watching the chaos on the streets outside the bank. In the short time since they arrived the mob on the street had moved up the block, past the bank and were constructing barricades in the streets. More fires were now burning, piles of tires that threw up huge clouds of thick black smoke. Across the street from the bank buildings were being looted. Andy was panning the cameras around and the view on all sides of the bank was the same, they were completely surrounded.

    “Hmm, this doesn’t look good” Bob said, then turned to face everyone, “we may be here awhile.”

    “What do you mean by that?” Christy asked.

    Bob pointed to the monitor, “You want to go out there?”

    “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine here, they’ll get the power back on soon and the police will push them back.” Daniel said.

    “How long will the generator run the building?” Teague asked.

    “I don’t know, when Gene gets back he can answer that.”

    The phone in Bob’s office rang, he stepped into the office and answered it, after a few moments he returned.

    “Was that Gene?” Daniel asked.

    “No that was one of the security guys, he said the folks outside were raising hell on the security shutters.”

    “They can’t get in here can they?” Daniel asked.

    “Well, I mean, it’s possible, but not likely.”

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