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  • An old 2A article I wrote...

    The purpose of this topic is to explore why the sales of firearms have spiked since the Sandy Hook shooting occurred, and to explain exactly how this harms not only law abiding firearms owners, but American citizens in general. As with every story, there is much more to this than meets the eye. The main stream media chooses to ignore many of the facts that would cause people to question the "official" story. It is our job as patriots and champions of liberty to expose this trend for what it really is; the omission of facts that the establishment would rather the masses did not see.

    The morning of December 14, 2012 started out as any normal day for the students and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. At around 9:30 am, a man entered with some firearms and a sinister mission. The gunman opened fire on his unarmed victims and obliterated the lives of 20 small children and 8 staff members. He then proceeded to take his own life in an even more cowardly fashion than the way he gunned down those innocent people. Of the firearms he used, one was allegedly a Bushmaster AR-15. The initial report from the coroner concluded that the victims were killed with the rifle in question. The disturbing part of that conclusion is at first, the media reported the rifle was found in the back seat of a car, and 2 handguns were found near the assailant. Then the story changed to the rifle was found in the school. How did the police, who are trained in firearms recognition, mistake a rifle for two handguns? This alone should raise a series of red flags to any person capable of critical thinking. The story keeps changing as well. Now it seems there were 4 handguns found in the school instead of the rifle. I'm almost positive that by the time this article sees the web, it will have changed yet again. I must add an opinion here. If someone is entering a close-quarters combat situation, the weapon of choice is NOT going to be a 16 plus inch rifle. It is going to be a 7 to 8 inch handgun. Soon after the attack, some politicians, including President Obama began what I and many others can only interpret as exploiting the deaths of these children. Such exploitation launches an all out assault on semi-auto rifles which the main-stream media/establishment have labeled "assault rifles". Now, the definition of an assault rifle is as follows from wikipedia:

    An assault rifle is a selective fire (either fully automatic or burst capable) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. It is not to be confused with assault weapons. [1] Assault rifles are the standard service rifles in most modern armies. Assault rifles are categorized in between light machine guns, which are intended more for sustained automatic fire in a light support role, and sub-machine guns, which fire a pistol cartridge rather than a rifle cartridge.
    Examples of assault rifles include the StG 44, AK-47,[2] M16 rifle, QBZ-95, INSAS, Heckler & Koch G36, and Enfield SA80.

    NO WHERE in this list is the .223 AR-15 mentioned. The media hypes it as an "assault rifle" because the establishment calls it such and the normal everyday American doesn't know any better. It is a semi-automatic rifle based on the AR 10 design and entered the Armed Forces as the M16. It was later made semi-auto and marketed to civilians in 1963. It IS NOT an "assault rifle", but the administration and main stream media would have you believe it is. Do we call semi-auto handguns "assault pistols"? Hardly. The problem is, too many people just eat up what they are told without question. Consequently, this is where politicians can get away with taking even more of our liberties away. The attack in itself was bad enough. For politicians to push the agenda of the Obama administration and further restrict gun rights of American citizens (over the death of so many kids), is appalling. The administration has been yearning to disarm the US from day one. However, they need a reason to give the dumbed down population so they will have backing for doing so. This U.S president, along with secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, have said they will support the U.N small arms treaty. This would essentially give the U.N the power to legislate OUR second amendment, though they try to bamboozle the population into thinking it wouldn't. See link for more info:

    One reason firearms sales have skyrocketed is if they are able to get another "assault weapons" ban through the House, then the AR-15, along with many other semi-autos (including some handguns and shotguns), would become illegal for manufacture, sale, importation and transfer for "civilians". During the 1994 ban, many arms were basically grandfathered into the language so they would remain in the hands of their owners. This is the case as long as they were manufactured BEFORE the ban was instated. It looks as if this will again be the situation. If this new bill passes however, those weapons would now have to be registered within a federal database, requiring photo/fingerprint information, and remain with the original owner until death. Upon said death, the firearms would be forfeited (confiscated) to the government. This, in the eyes of many gun owners, is one more step in the total disarmament of our country. The logic is if they know who has guns and where they are, it will certainly be easier to confiscate them. Many anti-gunners have stated that these weapons are not for hunting deer, but hunting people. The second amendment is NOT about hunting deer. It was put in place so that we the people could defend against foreign invasion. More importantly, it is defense against a government endeavoring to rule by tyranny. This is precisely what is taking place right now. If you are interested in seeing this piece of insanity that is Dianne Feinstein's new draconian gun grab, here is the link:
    Also here:

    One promising thing that the gun grabbers did accomplish was to put an estimated 10 MILLION new firearms and countless rounds of ammunition into the hands of law abiding citizens, albeit because of let's say, paranoia of a new ban. I'll bet they didn't count on that particular outcome. I would wager, and believe me, I hope I'm wrong, that we will see another incident of some large proportion involving firearms, when the debate on this new piece of legislation starts to guarantee the "for it" votes. It just seems to be the way things play out anymore.

    Another reason for the increase in sales is due to the fact that even before a bill is on the table and in writing, many large retailers have pulled "assault rifles" and their ammunition off shelves. This further feeds the hysteria created by the news of a renewed ban. Is there reason to be concerned? In my opinion, yes. If you pay attention to what is really happening in this country, you will see that our rights and liberties that make us a free republic are slowly but surely being chipped away. This of course is all in the name of "keeping us safe", when the plain fact is government CAN NOT AND WILL NOT keep us safe. Government is proven over and over to be the biggest murderer of people in history. Over 260,000,000 have been murdered in the last century. Don't believe me? Look up the statistics, especially after the population has been disarmed. I will not get into it with this article, but a quick search on the internet will provide you with AMPLE historical facts to support this logic. You just need to take initiative and look. Another interesting thing to look at is the HUGE surplus of ammunition the government has purchased over the past few years, to the tune of 1.6 BILLION rounds (the media tried to downplay the numbers, but the purchase records were public until just recently). Many of these are .40 caliber hollow point bullets, which are illegal for use in international warfare under the Hague convention rules. They are illegal for war because of their destructive nature, but our government feels the need to obtain hundreds of millions of them. Can you see where I'm going with this? I was listening to a syndicated radio broadcast by Alex Jones today, and coincidentally, this topic was being discussed by active police and military callers. Regardless of how you may feel about Mr. Jones, there is no denying that the man does indeed get people thinking. One officer who called claimed to be a 25 year veteran and was participating in an exercise on a national guard base. Of the things he noted was a stockpile of almost 3 MILLION rounds of 5.56mm (AR-15) and 7.62mm ammunition slated for "contingency" purposes. What "contingency" could they possibly need that much ammo for when historically the person who called stated there is not usually ANY ammo in those facilities. The consensus from all of these callers is they are in fact training to take on the American people in case of "civil unrest", but many of them know why they are training for this. It is because the government has stated quite openly that the new "terror threat" to our country is gun owners, constitutionalists, tea party members and most of all, returning war veterans. I find that absolutely deplorable to say the least.

    Now, some people may say "A ban doesn't affect me as I am not a firearms owner". Nothing could be farther from the truth. The second amendment is the cornerstone, (along with the right to free speech which is the first amendment), of the founding of our great republic. This greatly harms ALL US citizens because if we allow one of the most important parts of our constitution to be broken into pieces, then they are free to implement whatever legislation they desire. This is because the one and only line of private citizen defense has been neutered. Another thing to consider is, if they are planning on putting gun owners in a huge database, what's next? Political activists that don't agree with the status quo? How about conservatives? Libertarians? Knife owners? Pit bull owners? You? Me? News flash, it's already being done. Where does it end? The people who think what has happened in communist countries such as China, Russia, Iraq and North Korea can't happen here. OPEN YOUR EYES!! It IS happening here. RIGHT NOW. When is the last time you flew on a plane, or even went to an NFL football game? There are TSA agents molesting American citizens, including disabled people and children because they are trying to "protect" us from terrorism. Moreover, the administration has failed to catch ONE SINGLE TERRORIST since it's inception!!! It is nothing more than acclimating you so your ability to realize it is ILLEGAL (4th amendment) no longer engages. Even the first amendment has been attacked as of recent. Go to a political gathering and try to protest, which is a first amendment RIGHT and see what happens. You WILL be ARRESTED!! Don't believe me? Look at this link: There are COUNTLESS other "alternative" media sources that covered this, but where was the main stream media? If it was covered, it was a very small section on the TV or in the papers. There are MANY ways in which this ban, if passed, will arbitrarily affect the average American. They just don't realize it because the media hasn't told them about it.

    In summary, the reasons for elevated firearms sales (in the MILLIONS) after Sandy Hook and after Obama's election, is clear. The American people KNOW that it is the most effective way to protect themselves from both criminals and an increasingly tyrannical government which strips us of our liberties. These are liberties that so many have bled and died for. They also know that this particular administration is more anti-gun than any before. They will stop at nothing, including circumventing our Congress, the very lawmakers of our republic, in accelerating their agenda of complete domination and control of the citizens of this great country. This begs the question: HOW did he get re-elected??!!

    So, is there a solution to this problem? In short, maybe. One thing we as citizens can do is contact our elected representatives and VOICE OUR OPINION. Tell them NOT to infringe upon our constitutional rights or when election time comes, they will be voted right out of a job. But that's only one step. Here are a few other possibilities:

    The first thing that would need to happen would be a complete re-vamp of government in it's entirety. Term limits for Congress and Senate is a start. A renewed sense of duty to the constitution of our republic instead of gaining political clout for the upcoming election is imperative to the success of our country. Any legislation considered for law should at least have the opportunity for THE PEOPLE to vote on it BEFORE it is introduced. This would ensure that nonsense laws do NOT get passed which no one agrees with. Even if many of the people do not vote on it, at least they were given the opportunity. This in my opinion, is a TRUE democratic republic. Secondly, get out of the U.N altogether. It is a failed entity and is largely impotent as far as a "governing" authority. They are an organization that wants COMPLETE and UTTER CONTROL of ALL the countries on this planet, i.e. WORLD GOVERNMENT. It is stated in cloaked rhetoric on their own website. It is A VERY dangerous proposition, if you ask me. Thirdly, this falsehood which is the notion that only two parties exist, i.e. Republican and Democrat needs to end. Neither of them are any good for this country, period. There are many other parties that are constitutional instead of dictatorial.
    As for the firearms question, the constitution is quite clear on this: A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. There should NOT be more gun control. Look at cities such as New York (515 homicides in 2011) and Chicago (500 homicides in 2012) where there is a complete firearm ban. Violent crime is absolutely rampant. Mexico (where there is also a complete ban) in 2011 had over 18,000 homicides reported. Why? Because the criminal element knows the people are defenseless, and they DO NOT care about the laws!!!. "An armed society is a polite society", is a true statement. In comparison, take Switzerland for example. Every military aged male (20-30 yrs old) is REQUIRED to own a military firearm and undergo training. In 2010, Switzerland had only 53 homicides. Their crime rate is the lowest in the world! Just look it up. Like it or not, the numbers don't lie.

    The people who own firearms need to take the utmost responsibility in securing those weapons so that someone with questionable character, (especially if said person lives on the premises), cannot access them. Will that alone solve the problem of gun violence? Of course not. As long as humans have evil intentions, there will be violence, whether by gun, knife, car, pen or pencil. Lastly, the media. Stop listening to the government controlled mouth pieces that make up main stream news. Go to other sources, (ex. Alex Jones (Infowars),The Drudge Report) and get the TRUTH, instead of BS and smokescreens. The bottom line is Americans need to take responsibility for their actions, as well as their safety, and stop allowing the media, emotion and big government to make life altering decisions for us. Our very lives depend on us getting back to what made this country what it was before and can certainly be again, the greatest country on this earth.
    Liberty is NOT a privilege, it is a RIGHT