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    Too much bag?

    Agree with Kick. ANY bag will be a target for those that don't have. Finding one that is comfortable for you is important. I have an Eberlestock and

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    Something is Eating my Citrus Trees

    Yeah I figured that out considering they're still on my trees. The ag extension office here just googles stuff. I mean I can do that and that's what I

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    Too much bag?

    As KK said, no one but you can say if it's too much bag other than you. We don't know if your stated 305lbs is a lot of Linebacker muscle, or "other"

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    Kailani Kealoha

    Too much bag?

    It's hard to say for sure if you bought too big of a bag. It depends in large part on its intended use. If it's for casual use, I'm sure it's probably

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    Something is Eating my Citrus Trees

    Contrary to popular opinion, bugs are not universally impacted by cold weather. Mother Nature tells them it's coming, and they burrow into some warmer

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