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    Too much bag?

    I think the designer may have worked with mystery ranch or in fact may be, and worked with the Aussies. Wiggy's used to sell them but once he ran out

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    Too much bag?

    apache235, is that a Mystery Ranch bag? I have drooled over their packs for years.

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    Too much bag?

    I'm going to chime in here and parrot what other shave said about only you can decide what is best for you. I currently have the same situation with

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    Too much bag?

    Agree with Kick. ANY bag will be a target for those that don't have. Finding one that is comfortable for you is important. I have an Eberlestock and

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    Something is Eating my Citrus Trees

    Yeah I figured that out considering they're still on my trees. The ag extension office here just googles stuff. I mean I can do that and that's what I

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