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Kevin Moulder
07-01-2017, 05:09 PM
I am listening to all of the audio book versions which has enabled me to go through 1-7 so far in a month. I noticed that in Book 7, when Morgan, Mel and Leanne make their way to Dylans. The narrator refers to Dylans wife as Gina not Jenna. I could see if this was a one book thing but I have noticed that Duke has frequently mispronounced things like "Fillet" not adding the "ay" but more the "it" sound and spelling out NAPA auto parts spelling it like N A P A.


07-01-2017, 06:04 PM
Although I don't do Audible, I can see where the confusion comes from. In Resurrecting Home, our author friend introduced the character, and spelled it correctly, Gena.
I've met Gena. It's pronounced Gee-na, like Jeep.
I can see someone who doesn't know better reading it and pronouncing it Jenna.
In later books, A.A. changed the spelling to Gina, either forgetting the correct way or for clarity while reading, I won't hazard to guess which.

Kevin Moulder
07-02-2017, 06:09 PM
Kickstand, you sure are close with A.A. I've noticed the posts between you two. Gena is based off a real character? and "Batman" too?

07-02-2017, 07:14 PM
Gena is good people, Batman takes care of her (was even kind of worried about her getting so close with all us ax-murderer, internet lurking, strangers.) Haven't met them, certainly willing to.

AA is good people, so is Tex (even if he HAS taken up politics as a hobby.) unseenone is cool, and intelligent. Have met them, and a couple others.

I plead the 5th.

I like Kickstand & Vincent well enough to use my actual return address when I mail them questionable things, though I haven't actually met them in person.

Some here have moved closer to me, I could meet them!

07-02-2017, 08:06 PM
Gena calls her husband Batman because he protects women, children and animals. Although I've never met him, I was lucky enough to talk to him on the phone one fine evening . Seems like a great guy. As W.Lynn mentioned, he was convinced that we were (are?) a bunch of lying seriel killers .
A number of us travelled to Wyoming and met at Tex's ranch back in 2014. I sure do miss seeing all of those folks on here, but for various reasons , most have found better things to do with their time than to hang out around here.

p.s. Although I've never met AA in person, I have talked to him on the phone and have even seen his, er... , uhm.... buttocks. ,I'm still looking for that UNSEE button. He used to be a regular around here.

07-02-2017, 09:00 PM
I have had the pleasure of meeting both Gina and her husband "Batman", both wonderful people,kinda like kickstand

Betty Buckshot
07-06-2017, 01:46 PM
Gena, Kick & Vincent are pretty cool. Met them at Tex's in 2014 also. Yep, we're all real and we're not axe murderers either. Met AA at Tex's a couple of months ago. LOL, he came to town w/ the Hostile Native and I introduced him to everyone in the bar.

07-06-2017, 07:37 PM
I have had the pleasure of meeting both Gina and her husband "Batman", both wonderful people,kinda like kickstand

You keep spreading nasty rumors like that and we're gonna have a problem.

Kevin Moulder
07-14-2017, 08:45 AM
LOL.. I feel like I am in the twilight zone reading everything. Who is Tex? Is that someone on here that one of the characters is modeled after? I havent looked at a lot of the forum threads to see a lot of users

07-14-2017, 04:40 PM
Tex is/was one of the original members of this board when if was founded a few years ago. He has been mostly MIA for almost a year, but has just recently reappeared in a VERY limited fashion. He runs a ranch up in Wyoming, where a number of us board members all travelled to back in 2014 for his annual cattle branding. It was a great time. Do you know the story of how the book series came to be?

07-15-2017, 10:25 PM
I and the rest of the noobs are waiting to hear it.

07-15-2017, 11:19 PM
Going Home was originally started over on Survivalistboards.com. One day, our author friend said "I've had a story in my head for a while , so I'm going to start writing it." At the time, he was a traveling I.T. guy. He would put up a chapter or two, as time would allow . Us mere minions would constantly beg him for "Moar Buk". During this initial period, many of us became fairly good friends. As Morgan was getting close to home, we all kept saying "This NEEDS to be a book." Enough of us promised to buy it, and cajoled ol' AA into spending quite a bit of his own $$ (and some other members helped too) to self publish Going Home.
After the initial run, Penguin Publishing somehow got ahold of a copy and came a'calling. After one or two false starts (at which time many of us thought that Morgan and crew should happen upon a zoo, and dine on penguin), AA and Penguin came to an agreement to re-release book one, with a contract for the next 2 or 3 books (I can't remember that far back). And the rest is literary history .
W.Lynn, did I miss anything ?

07-16-2017, 12:16 AM
Miss anything? Like ol' fearless leader going off to be on the first season of "Alone," and traveling to preparedness expos to sign books all over? Naw, I can't think of anything.

07-16-2017, 08:52 AM
I had just finished Invasion when I seen a mention of AA being on the first season of Alone in a review. While tracking down where to find that ( we are very information limited here in the URL) I found a link to this forum. I wish I would have discovered it much earlier. I've been a serious fan since the first book, I have mapped (on Google Earth) the entire journey and most of the key locations and have even been to a few of them.

Kevin Moulder
07-16-2017, 02:42 PM
I didnt see there was a 2nd page before I wrote my first reply. So I had heard something on some of the sites or forums that is how the story started was "on a forum" but i didnt know any other details. It looks like he is doing well for himself and I really hope he continues to write more to this series. Even after book 8, there has to be something left to salvage in the story

12-13-2017, 07:36 PM
while life has gotten in the way of visiting the forum with any regularity, I have had the pleasure of breaking bread with AA, his wife Mel, and Little Bit as well as Tex and his better half "The Hostile Native" and Betty Buckshot as well as DMH and that old fart, George! Great People on this site!!!