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  1. Reviews, Events, Links
  2. CME event to take out power grid and blast us back
  3. Signed Copies
  4. New interview
  5. Meet the Author
  6. Morgan Carter (a.k.a. Angery American) of Going Home fame will be on the air
  7. Stranger than fiction
  8. Great American Outdoors Show
  9. Self Reliance Expo 4-4/2014 Mesqute TX
  10. Prepper Chicks radio show
  11. Forsaking Home Amazon Rankings 6/26/14
  12. Could this be the theme song for GH TV?
  13. All Things Apocalyptic
  14. USA Today Ranking
  15. Texas International Firearms Festival
  16. Self Reliance Expo 9-12-13/2014 Houston TX
  17. A. R. Shaw mentions AA's books.
  18. Just stumbled across a really nice review (from 12/13).
  19. Have You Read "Resurrecting Home?" DO A REVIEW at a bookseller site!
  20. new malware called BlackEnergy could be used to sabotage America’s infrastructure
  21. AA spotted on trailer History Channel show Alone
  22. AA Interviews by Fox Orlando
  23. History Channel Series Alone Premier
  24. Today Show?
  25. NRA News Frontlines | "The Fight For Light: The EMP Threat"
  26. Foreign hackers prove capable of crippling U.S. electric grid
  27. Radio free Redoubt: Episode 15-43 Interview: A. American, Author of ‘Going Home’ Book
  28. Sort of an event,
  29. Charlie's Requiem: Democide
  30. Heritage Life Skills - Waynesville NC 12-14 April 2019