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Thread: Hmmm... Airplanes Fall From the Sky?

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    Now that I've finished The End, I'll say it has some unexpected twists that help to level out my feelings about the chain of command. I found it hard to identify with the hero, as his thought processes are different from mine. He does seem to be a dedicated husband and father, but some of his tactical decisions leave me unsettled.

    Compared to AA's Home series, which I rate at 10, I'd give the first book of this series a 7. Your mileage may vary.

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    To further add to the mutiny thought, trying really hard to not give spoilers so I'll make it as general as I can.

    You are a highly trained, very well equipped (at least in the weaponry department) military force that has gone to hell holes for your country. When your country is attacked, they now admit how stupid it was to have you on the other side of the world and request that you come home, not to secure your family and homes, but to assist with practically pointless endeavors on the other side of the country while you have no knowledge of how your family is faring. You also have a pretty good idea that your country is effectively out of commission as a result of the EMP and other factors, so chaos will be threatening your family and homes.
    Now think really really hard, if you were one of the military members, would not be at least a little tempted to tell the brass to shove it and go home to secure your family's safety?

    I no longer have to ask myself that question because I'm not military, but it's a hard question.

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    God, family, country. In that order of precedence. I could see it happening, even within brass.
    When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future: Edward Lorenz

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