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pack stove presented by Joe Robinet

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  • pack stove presented by Joe Robinet

    Very cool and efficient pack stove

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    That is neat. I did not get to see the whole thing. Are they available yet? Cost?


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      Watch it again, all will be revealed
      People without any brains do an awful lot of talking. Don't they?!
      ~the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz


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        Nice! I like a lot of the design choices on this. Especially like the simmer feature and drainage in the lid. Red, the way kickstarter works, you pledge money to help fund the start up of company - in return you get either one of the stoves. Hubs had his "coolest" cooler delivered a few weeks too late for him. Has a built in radio, and battery operated margarita mixer on it. Perfect beach cooler. Everyone thinks different things are good ideas.

        It's a really good way for companies to document interest in a product, commitment to buy, etc to help them get funding to really get into production. Just be aware - you're going to wait for the product to ship. You're investing in the company and not a consumer.


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          It's similar to the jetboil but seems to be cheaper for now .