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    Present day American is in a place never seen before. There is no one alive today with an experiential frame of reference for what we are about to experience. There are those, and many of them, that have fomented the very actions currently taking place here in other nations while under the command of the US armed forces, but none of those pervious operations can really be looked at as an example of what is currently underway here at home.

    Insurgencies are dirty business. They are ripe with double crosses, lies and traps. While one may be useful today, they can quickly find themselves green lit by the very people they were supporting tomorrow. The dynamic nature of the insurgency ensures there will be a constant fog over the operational space. This leads to paranoia and people jumping from one group or side to another often, even returning to groups they once aligned with and double crossed when it was convenient for them.

    Opposing groups may even make short-term alliances to deal with a more powerful group operating in their area. Opposition groups may offer intelligence to the State on other groups to allow the state to deal with their problems for them. Taking out one to allow the other to grow their area of influence. And it wonít be just the state that does this. Any group with a decent hold on an area will be utilized by disparate groups and individuals to deal with vendettas or to simply take someone out so their property can be stolen.

    When Hitler came to power and moved on Poland. It was common for Polish citizens to show up at the homes of Jews and demand their property, money, clothing, you name it. These good Polish citizens would say, you wonít need it where youíre going. The same happened in Germany with ordinary citizens seizing the opportunity to plunder when their Jewish neighbors were being rounded up.

    The Nazi machine was used by locals to settle old scores, reporting them as either Jews, Roma or collaborators to have the weight of the Wehrmacht brought down upon them. This will certainly happen again. Unsuspecting US troops and even patriot groups will be utilized to settle issues between individuals and groups. I bring this up as simply one example of the tumultuous times that lie ahead for us.

    I, like many others in the sphere of survival and monitors of current conflict, are often asked, what will this look like. As I stated earlier, we donít really know. America is armed to the teeth and while the bulk of those weapons are in the hands of Conservatives for the most part, the Marxists are doing their best to catch up. They know they are behind the curve and have a lot of work to do. That is why you see so many range days with groups like the Socialist Gun Club or the John Brown Gun Club. And while the bulk of these people are unskilled, do not underestimate them. A bullet doesnít care about your skill level. A child can pull a trigger.

    So, back to what it will look like. The best analogy I can come up with is what the Irish refer to as, The Troubles. That time in the late 70ís and early 80ís when the IRA was very active. There will be no front lines. Each side isnít going to pick a uniform to make IFF easier. Sure, at times, on large operations there may be some kind of ribbon or other identifier worn by one side or the other, but on the daily, your opposition will look just like you.

    They will be able to move freely about society while they plan and execute terror operations for the most part unmolested. And this goes for both sides. While it is the Marxists in the streets now, soon, patriots will be involved and the dynamic will shift, for the worse. When someone opens fire on a cafť or some other business, bus stop or shopping mall, it will be hard to tell whoís doing it. This will naturally lend itself to disinformation campaigns with both sides committing acts of terror to blame on the other.

    The Marxists in particular will have no compunction about killing some of their own to make it appear as though it was a right-wing attack or a government hit. These actions will be conducted to drive a wedge between the government and the population or between the various groups involved and the population. It must be remembered that in an insurgency every action has both a political and military impact. A tactical loss on the field that yields a political win in more recruits or outrage is still a win. And while the Right may try to avoid such actions in the initial stages, that will quickly fall away as they realize their opposition has no issues with slaughtering the innocent in pursuit of their goals and both sides will adopt the same tactics.

    Being as this will be a dirty business, letís look at some of the factors that will ensure it is. Firstly, there are the players. Of course, we have the Marxists and the Federal Government. Then there will be the right-wing element that will eventually say theyíve had enough and jump into the fray as well. But in these three groups there will be numerous sub-groups, even in the Feds. Anyone who has watched the news over the last four years knows full well there is a concerted effort by those entrenched in the system to depose Trump. They will not simply go away; they will work with any organization they deem capable of furthering their own goals. The military may well split as well.

    On the Right there are elements that are near anarchists and will work with whoever they feel will aid them in advancing their goals, many of which mirror the Marxists. There will be infighting in the groups for reasons ranging from disagreements over the direction or the group to a pure power grab. And this will affect all groups. For that reason, it is extremely important to know who you are aligning with. You may unwittingly find yourself as someone elseís useful idiots.

    The hybrid-insurgency currently underway has entered an accelerated phase. The agitators in this operation, both the State and non-state actors, have dropped all pretense of keeping the narrative of social unrest and are now openly laying out their plans for the coup they intend to undertake, rather, are currently undertaking.

    A recent exercise undertaken by a group of Far-Left Progressives and RINO Republicans shows just how desperate these people are. The Transition Integrity Project (TIP) was conducted to determine how Trump could be removed from office no matter the outcome of the election. And to ensure there was no confusion as to the nature of the war game, they even considered Trump winning in a landslide that was irrefutable. Their answer to that was frightening. The maneuvers ranged from calling on Democrat Governors to order recounts to requesting some of those same governors to send alternate electorates to the electoral college to vote in place of the original electors who would cast their votes in line with the college rules. This is an outright admission that they intend to do whatever it takes to steal the election.

    In more than one place in the report the military is brought up. We need to be very careful when it comes to the military and how they will react. Obama went to great lengths to purge the military of pro American officers. His operation was so effective, Stalin would have been jealous. The current crop of senior and flag level officers are globalist quislings. However, not all of them are and at the NCO level there is a strong patriot vein and itís these men and women that win fights. In a worst case scenario, we could see the military splinter and infighting begin. This is bad for several reasons, first, just the idea of such a scenario is the saddest thing I can imagine. Not to mention it will leave the US and its allies vulnerable. Second, any DOD assets that side with the Marxists will certainly be utilized against their opposition in the streets. And while Iím sure they wouldnít allow uniformed personnel to conduct open operations, they will certainly be training, arming and equipping groups to operate on their behalf as surrogates.

    The Marxists have said Biden should not concede under any circumstances. Funny that Hilary Clinton said the loser must concede immediately in 2016, I guess this time is different. The Marxists understand this is their last opportunity and the gloves will come off. In the next post I will go into what I think it will look like and how it will impact daily life for the average American.