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    This was posted in her youtube page today , she was on trip to the states an her trip to the Dollar Tree was an eye opener for her . This post was a follower=
    Last week I ordered some items from Costco and they were then delivered to me by Instacart. The Instacart driver, a woman a few years younger than I am, asked if I was stocking up. I didn’t want to admit that I had been for quite some time so I lied and said “No.”. She said the shelves in the local Costco were slowly being depleted and it was only going to get worse due to supply chain problems, lack of workers at the points of origin, and higher prices leading to stores ordering smaller amounts. She also said the packages are shrinking in size even as the prices rise. She further said that she was telling her family members to stock up while they can. This is in Northern California. It is getting a bit frightening, so glad you have been advising us on prepping. Thank you, AG.

  • #2 Ukraine is prepping , some good points .