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    Originally posted by Graywolf View Post
    The solar panel I have only puts out 5v AC. Laptops take 110v or 220v AC. There may be a way to run a laptop with 12v DC by adapting the power supply but I haven't tried it though.
    Actually they don't. The transformer that acts as the power supply runs on 110vac stepped down to 19.5vdc at ~3 amps(for mine, others vary from ~15vdc to ~24vdc). As for charging from 12vdc my laptop can use this I was hoping for a portable solar panel like what you have that would either do 19.5vdc or 12vdc that I could use the above adapter for. I am trying to avoid carrying too much in the BOB if possible. Thanks.


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      Sorry, I wrote that incorrectly. The power supply takes in 110/220 and converts it to DC.

      The ~20v could be had from the 12v by making a simple DC/DC converter with an oscillator, filter, and power regulator, which would be much more efficient than running 12v-inverter-power supply. The supply you linked does exactly that (and would work better than any design I could come up with, I'm sure).


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        Yeah, I am looking for a portable solar alternative though.