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In need of predator call

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  • In need of predator call

    Anyone have suggestions for an effective and affordable predator call?

    How about a decoy?

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    I'm guessing from your other thread you are looking to kill some yotes, here's my 2cents and I'll give it to you for all ready have yotes you don't need to call them, you need to bait them. A carcass of a recently departed critter works best, they can smell them for miles but they will also come to dog food or even corn.
    When we kill chickens I'll save the offal for bait. The other trick is to light the area of the bait dimly so you can observe them passively, it allows you a chance to make a cleaner shot. Once you shoot one they usually won't come back to the same place for quite a while, they call them Wiley coyotes for a reason. Also be very aware of your scent and the wind, coyotes noses would put those sirport dogs out of business.
    If you kill or wound a couple you will usually have eliminated your problem for awhile. If you want to bring them back and keep making em dead THEN I'd recommend Flextone FLX100 it's not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive it has a remote and is preloaded with the calls you'll need.
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      Thank you. I can bait them in without any problem.

      The one this morning at 530 was about 20 yards from my porch. I went out, lit him with a flashlight and shot with my shotgun. It is loaded for home defense with 8 shot. It stung him, but I doubt anything else. I need to set this gun up with a light system so I am not fumbling. It is now loaded with 4 buckshot.

      For those in need of a livestock dog, I can't recommend the Maremma enough. Much better than our pyrenees have been even though he is only 8 months old.


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        So how goes the hunting , just an idea ask a game officer if you can collect any fresh deer road kill to but out as bait maybe he'd call you . Most of the time they'll feed at night but might lay up near by through the day . Do your calling then .


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          Are the predators (presumably 'yotes, as 0utlaw is want to call them) usually coming into the same area, like near a chicken coop, etc? My point is, have you thought about putting one or more security cameras in the area, so you can watch them on a TV from inside, unbeknownst to the critters? Then, when they come around, you can have your plan of action all set. Most security cameras have an IR Night Vision that works pretty darn well.
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