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    So I tend to be a gear head. I enjoy putting packs together, finding gear, adapting it.

    Well, with a Bob or ghb, I can't afford fancy gear to sit there unused. (Cant afford really fancy gear anyway) So, cook kits are a fun place to start. You don't need anything fancy, I have an old metal canteen cup I used on many trips that will do 99% of what I need. I decided to upgrade.

    Walmart has ozark trail gear. I hate Walmart, but price matters sometimes. Some of that ozak trail gear is junk, but other is good. Well, they have 2 cook kits that are pretty decent, identical to what REI has for three times the price. The first is actually a stanley solo style stainless 24 oz pit with lid, 2 cups and perfect for nesting a fuel canister and a tiny little stove in it. Or if you are really on a budget, a homemade cat food alcohol stove. They also have a stainless steel ozark trail metal cup that the pot nests into perfectly. The plastic cups in it are heavy, and I left them out. The lid to the pot can be used on the cup as well. It works great for a quick cup of coffee or cup of soup type things that way.

    The second is more of a two person anodized set. 2 bowls with coozees, lids, a lid for the pot, and a couple of sports. It also has a stuff sack that doubles as a wash basin. There is plenty of room to nest your stove, food, etc in.

    There are lots of videos on mods on these with ways to use them as ovens, mods to make them work better, et. The model I did is making a bail out of a hanger for the small one. I made it just long enough to flip under and hold the cup in place when the pot is nested in it. Super simple and only requires 2 1/8 inch holes be drilled just under the lip.

    Everyone loves titanium, but who can afford it? For the type of pack I needed it for, these work great.

    My local Walmart had the Stanley on sale for $10.

    Anyway, I just thought I would pass it along and stir some debate in the gear forum.

    Look up making alcohol stove from soda can, cat food tin or aluminum water bottle. I like the water bottle one best, but I have used other cans like some carb cleaner can b12 tool can.

    For some reason, I can't get the YouTube videos on making them to link., but they are super light, durable, run on yellow heet from the auto store or denatured alcohol from the hardware store or high test like everclear from liquor store. They even run on the 90 plus percent rubbing alcohol.

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    I bought one of these recently to mess around with. It was $13 I think. I like how it has a pop out handle that stays cool when in use.


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      Gsi makes similar kits to both those I posted and the cup i posted. They all look identical, but gsi is much more expensive. They are all made in China. I don't care for stainless cups for hot drinks, but you can cook in them, so I deal with the annoyance
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        I spent some time this weekend setting up a couple of "kitchen kits" for my INCH bags similar to what you described:
        - Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set (WalMart/$15)
        - Ozark Trail 18-Ounce Stainless Steel Cup (WalMart/$5)
        - Condor H2O Pouch (Amazon/$17)
        - Green scrubby, 2 - 3"x3"
        - Heavy plastic spoon, 2 (no idea where I got them)
        - Bic lighter (backup/spare)
        - 2oz travel soap bottle, Dawn dishwashing soap
        - 2oz travel soap bottle, olive oil
        - Pill bottle w/salt & pepper packets (Various fast food places/$free)

        For heating the water/food, I have two different stoves:
        1. Gas
        - Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition (2pack) (Amazon, $20)
        - GSI Outdoors Isobutane Gas 110g, 2 (Academy/$4)
        2. Tabs
        - Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set (Amazon/$27)
        - Esbit 1300-Degree Smokeless Solid Fuel Tablets (WalMart/$?)

        Everything except the gas bottles will fit in the Condor H20 pouches. Still have to get some spices together in small 1oz containers. Will reuse old spice bottles as I empty them.

        Target use will be extended traveling/camping (2+ days) and 1-2 people per kit. Been thinking about this set up for awhile, realized I was over thinking it, and started building them. Need to see how it works this spring when we get outside.

        Keep your powder dry and eyes open...