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    Any of you raising milk goats have a trick to get a stubborn doe from hell to lead?

    I have one that I am trying to break to the milk stand. I have to get her from the pen to the stand. Once on the stand, she is ok, not good, just ok. Getting her the 20 yards from the pen and then on the stand is about to try my patience beyond the breaking point. She won't lead, she won't coax.

    I need some tips and tricks. I have never had one so damned hard headed. I am about to dig a hole or wear out an axle handle on her if she keeps it up, and that won't help either of us.

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    Do you feed her on the stand? While we were still milking our does would practically run to the stand for their morning treat.
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      I do. My old one does this. She will run over me on the way to the stand if I block her. The first freshened one is an evil bitch that would rather choke out than be led. Once she on the stand, she is pretty good. If she keeps it up, I am going to eat her.


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        So your issue is teaching her to follow you on a lead. Put a halter on her so you're not choking her, then attach a good stout lead to the ring under her chin. Attach the other end to a tractor, 4 wheeler or car and drive forward at low speed. She'll get tired of plowing up the ground with her front feet and start walking eventually. A few days of that should get the idea across to her. An alternative method would be to use a halter and a lead, then hold a treat (mine love Animal Crackers and Wasa) in front of her nose. When she takes a couple of steps to get the treat, give her the treat and repeat.


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          I have been doing the second method. She does well for about 20 feet. Then she balks. I don't know if it is leaving the group or what.

          Getting on the stand is a bear as well. She is a big nubian. Once there, she stands ok.


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            Maybe getting a smaller goat would help. We bought some Nigerian Dwarves last year, about half the size of our old Nubians. I have one that doesn't like to get on the stand, but when she sticks her head through the uprights to eat, I can lock her head in, then pick up the back end and set her on the stand. She's probably 75 - 80 pounds.


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              Freezer camp the hell bitch, or direct to bbq. You can always get another doe.
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