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Farming, Ranching and Homesteading

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  • Farming, Ranching and Homesteading

    Welcome to the Forum. This section is dedicated to the folks who have questions or advice pertaining to agriculture and/or homesteading.

    Anybody who wishes to be a survivalist, or simply likes the idea of being prepared will have to face the facts that they may one day have to prepare or do for themselves. This is the place to find out how.

    Let's face it, without food and a sustainable supply of it, nobody will survive anything. If the trucks stop delivering, or the refineries stop making fuel, what will you do? Can you make it? Do you have a way to feed your family?

    If you have questions about food production, animal health, fence building, or anything agriculture related this is the place to ask. This forum has members from all backgrounds and all walks of life, someone will be able to answer your questions.

    Lets keep the threads in this section relevant to the topic and lets do our best to help one another.

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