I bought this on a whim and have been extremely satisfied with what i am using it for so I thought i'd share.

Its $53 in my AO for a 4.75 gallon metal bucket of it (yup, you get a free metal can outta it).
I used it for waterproofing some below grade concrete joints and it works amazing. I'm storing the leftovers JIC i need to do some roof repairs.The best way to describe this stuff is its like a pasty roofing felt paper. It smells like gas and, if its warm, is very easily applied with a putty knife.
The recommended application is to put it down, laydown some felt paper or their brand of poly material, then apply more goop on top of that (three layer method).

Not much to celebrate but its flexible in application environments. It can be applied wet or dry and can be applied on surface temps as low as 40F. You'll want to keep this stuff above 70F otherwise it sucks to apply but... if you want to keep a lil something on hand to repair your roof or anything else that needs to be waterproof that is static (doesnt move)... i'd recommend getting this stuff. They do sell in 0.9 gal ($19) as well. Its definitely cheaper than buying a bunch of caulking tubes although it might be a lil less pretty when applied.