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  • Earthwork

    One thing that has been a wish list item for my wife is a riding arena. Well we've been able to work it out and that project has begun. I hired the grading out to a local firm and they did a fantastic job. They were very reasonable too. Low we've got a nice flat 100x300 area. Not all of it will be arena. The arena will be 80x150, at one end will be an obstacle course are and at the other will be the 60' round pen and a shaded viewing area.

    I have to get out and drag the newly graded area to smooth it out but of course it began raining the day after and the ground is too wet. More rain is expected all week so I have no idea when this is going to happen. I don't dare get out there until it is dry enough. That red dirt is awful when wet.

    After that is 10 or 12 loads of sand and more dragging. And a nice wood rail fence to finish it all off. I'll post a few pics when I can.

    With this "investment" I've assured 2 things. First, I'll have a happy wife for a while. Second, my next few purchases will not get the pushback they normally would have.

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    Depending on your soil and the availability, look into the shredded tires as a footing ammendment in the arena. Does not pack badly and drains well.


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      "Pushback" is a good word. After all the toys someone's been getting, I have hit pushback mode myself. I suggested an ounce of gold bullion for me every time he gets another expensive toy. Considering recent toys would add up to 3 or 4 ounces, he's just now starting to think damage control.
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        For your first installment, you ought to get yourself a nice HF rig (this, coming from the guy that hasn't turned his on in a few years).
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          And a couple canoes and kayaks. We're right by some COE lakes and a river that was still navigable at the end of the little ice age. We could end up wanting such things.
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