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    I bought a 2-pack of canvas coin bags from the big online retailer, the cheap ones, no handles or anything, just heavy canvas. I bought a bag of pea-gravel at the garden end of the big-box home improvement store. A small amount of the gravel is in each bag, I twisted the top of the bag and "tied" it shut with several wraps of packing tape - use gorilla tape or anything else you have on hand, even string if it's sturdy.

    It's probably driving a few people up the wall, but one of these sacks now resides on the corner of my cedar chest. I spend some time every day doing fingertip, mantis, bird beak, knife-hand, ridge-hand, and other strikes into it.

    At some point, the rest of the pea gravel will go into a sturdy bucket, for driving a whole-arm knife hand strike into.

    Now imagine you know someone dumb enough to start something with anyone who knows enough anatomy to keep things interesting, and trains part of every day like this.

    quam minimum credula postero