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Rwandan genocide survivors

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  • Rwandan genocide survivors

    This is through "Random Acts" (they sent 'boots on the ground' Mr. Giles Duley to make sure the fundraising was for real persons, not politicians' wallets.)


    The lead real-person on this is Ms. Olive, who was widowed while in the hospital having her 3rd child. The first two were killed with their father. When she got out of the hospital, with baby in arms, she met other women , and even more children, who had nothing left. So she built a group, took in other women and LOTS of orphaned kids, and started growing taters. Been a tough haul, Random Acts is looking to hook them up with their own farm.
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    I didn't know this, apparently Mr. Duley is associated with something called Legacy of War.

    Also, I put some money on this myself, these gals are surviving, and forgiving. I hope the crowd of kids they're trying to raise learn well from their example.
    quam minimum credula postero