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Anti -poaching and rhino rehabilitation....

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  • Anti -poaching and rhino rehabilitation....

    Hi guys & galls,

    This is a continuation of a topic on another tread.

    We all know about the terrible situation of rhino horn smuggling and anti-poaching efforts to try and protect and indeed save a species..

    After a member here promised a donation,I contacted some trusted people in this field in South-Africa,and they confirm that there is a big problem, as the government of the day has in many-many cases a different unofficial [bribery driven] agenda!

    Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous organisations and individuals out there that prey on the emotions of some well intended people, and in many cases only a very small percentage of the donations reach the actual anti-poaching guys and animals in the bush.

    After some more brainstorming with them in the sweat,dust and know how, the following draft model was put on the table .

    1] Cut out the middleman
    2]Open a bank acc in the states administered by a trusted person on this page [no,not me!]-or board of persons!
    3] Get the acc a name,register it or whatever legal requirements needed.

    On the other [delivery ]side [--here I can be of assistance]
    1] Identify some smaller reputable game reserves with rhino's or anti-poaching units on location
    2]Get a list of items or kit needed [lots of wear and tear out in the bush]
    3] Get this list of equipment needed to the funding entity [you guys]
    4]Make the purchases and dhl/courier etc it directly to the game reserve contact person

    There is transparency all the way ,so donors know exactly what is happening with their donation and no money can be wasted for whatever unauthorized purpose [LIKE BRIBES] on the delivery side.

    Later on more big local donors can get involved with a vehicle or such.

    This proposal can be drafted through lawyers ect to 'safeguard' the finances etc.

    Any help in getting this project up and running will be appreciated

    [There are some good anti-poaching training and other conservation organisations in existence,of which I know a few, but this is not the purpose to get them involved [for now]

    Big game reserves like Kruger national park etc already has everything that can open and close..[Lots of publicity value to donors etc]

    Now the focus here is helping 2-3 smaller reputable game reserves' anti-poaching staff in the bush with much needed basic equipment that broke,get lost or wear and tear
    [eg. binoculars, mosquito nets, small tents, sleeping bags , boots, cammo nets, knife, small axe, 2-way radios ,water bottle, small go-pro drones,gps , night sight, rat packs etc,etc]
    --trained attack and tracking dogs is also much needed...

    The real detailed list per reserve will follow...

    These guys do have most of these items and they carry it with them in back packs at the start of a 7-10 day patrol [or longer sometimes when laying in ambush after a 'tip'] in the harsh, wild self-sustainable African bush , but as you all know,these equipment does not keep for years out there....
    [Yes, all these items could also be purchased locally , and we could look at that option vs airfreight costs etc]

    The real sharp end equipment [nice rifles,bullets, scope etc] are out of the question as donations.[sigh!]

    I will inform you later about a second excising project helping and rehabilitating wild animals like rhino's injured by poachers.
    .[different equipment needs..]

    I'm awaiting your response on this proposal...


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    Sometimes the mind can not comprehend what the eye can not see...

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    I like the sounds of this. I will be willing to help do the ground work in the US.

    As previously mentioned will be donating proceeds from sale of each Rhino Hitches for Land Rover Discovery 3 LR3, Discovery 4 LR4 and Range Rover Sport globally. This product will launch soon, and will be available in South Africa and the US initially. I am anticipating this to be about 5 US, which would amount to around 50-60 rand each depending on the current exchange rate.

    There may be costs associated with setting up a non-profit, and associated fees, reports and so on. Perhaps some of the legal eagles on the site can assist. Presently the orphanage project is done through my existing company. We donate our own funds, and pass 100% of the donations via bank wire and absorb the wiring costs. In return, the orphanage sends the actual receipts showing how the money was spent.

    This may work initially, but definitely would be better to have it done separately in the long run for legitimacy of the project.


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      I am willing to help in whatever capacity I may be needed. Observe, are there good sources for the needed gear over there, or would it be a better option to buy quality items here and then ship everything over? As previously stated, shipping costs could be prohibitive in some instances, but the main goal should be outfitting the guys in the field with the best gear possible.

      Unseenone probably has the best resume to oversee something like this, but I will do whatever I can to make sure it is a success.

      Before we make any hard and firm decisions, we should probably leave this up for a few days in order for everyone to have a chance to see it and give it some thought. We have some good people here, who will probably have some different thoughts or ideas on how to best make this work.

      Once we can get something set up, I know of a couple different sites where placing an ad will be possible.

      = 2

      If we cannot define a simple word like greatness, how can we ever hope to use it as a measuring stick to know when we have risen beyond average?


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        Yes,most of the best gear items will be [maybe a bit expensively] available locally, and most the same [lower quality?] items could probably also be found cheaper at army surplus stores.[this need some investigation in conjunction with the contact on the ground

        Sometimes the mind can not comprehend what the eye can not see...


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          This project will probably take a little time to get set up, but I'm sure we can make something happen.

          = 2

          If we cannot define a simple word like greatness, how can we ever hope to use it as a measuring stick to know when we have risen beyond average?


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            It might be worthwhile on this project to consider this; Not as requirements, but suggestions for consideration and discussion.

            1. Put together a list of names, biography of the guys on the Africa side of the project. This may help people feel comfortable with it.

            2. Explain the problems with corruption and pay offs there, so people understand it, that sort of thing does not happen here often. When it does and you are caught you'll be jailed, shamed and prosecuted.

            3. You are correct about the Gear, people here pay a premium for gear from SA. However, there are some items you can get here, that quality is unbelievable.

            4. Sneaker net.. Network with colleagues and friends who are traveling to the US regularly to help with small amounts of gear or what not.

            5. As this project develops, perhaps some other companies may be willing to sponsor, gear, etc.


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              I have lots of time to offer, un, if there are tasks I can help with. Especially this fall and going forward, with both grandchildren old enough for school.
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                Sometimes the mind can not comprehend what the eye can not see...


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                  Let us know what we can do. I was in Kenya a few years ago and got to see these cool critters in person. Apologies for the photo of a photo - could not quickly put my hands on the sim card with the original.




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                    Very nice photo Kelly!
                    Thanks for the offered help as well...
                    We will let everyone know once we start and have things in place.

                    I am planning to put a real live Rhino poaching experience story of mine here as well soon....

                    Sometimes the mind can not comprehend what the eye can not see...


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                      Sometimes the mind can not comprehend what the eye can not see...


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                        I just saw a show last night about Tandy, a rhino whose horn had been brutally cut off. Luckily , she survived , and docs were trying a skin graft, with limited success . The program ended with her being pregnant .
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                          what / where?


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                            I gave the "pass it on" picture to the RP's auntie, it will be all over facebook pretty quickly.
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                              It was on PBS. Also showed docs restoring a blind orangutan's sight and fixing a nasal infection in a seal. Oh, and removing a snare wire imbedded in a giraffes foot.
                              I never did see the name of the show .
                              Defund the Media !!