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  • Cell Phones Tracker app

    A few weeks ago you may recall there was a significant outage of cell phone coverage - no explanation given.

    On a tip - I checked my smart phone settings for privacy - health. Lo and behold there is a Covid 19 tracker app there. IT is turned off but if "they" can put it there at their discretion - I am sure they can turn it on.

    The tip I got said it was installed during the cell phone outage.

    A couple of ways you can look at this - none of them are good. Thinking of going back to my Trac phone or just SSB CB radio.

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    I believe it was installed as a part of the last update.


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      theres been an available update out there for quite some time for apple devices that would install the necessary background stuff for a contact tracing but you have to have a separate application to assist with it


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        How do you find out if it is there? What are you looking for?


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          This article is over a month old, but it has some good info.

          This one is newer:


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            Yup, this is why I'm turning into a Luddite slowly. Too many people trade their privacy for convenience.