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Follow up to Tex's post.

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  • Follow up to Tex's post.

    Tex made a post about changes coming, we are working on them. Modifying a website like this takes time and money, lot's of both. But we are working on it. I know I haven't been around here in quite some time, but that's going to change. We will be trying to drive traffic from Facebook over to here. I really want to get away from FB. Just bear with us, we're trying to get this accomplished.
    I'm drunk tonith.

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    Sounds good. I have noticed a number of new members recently. Let us know if we can help.
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      Blah Blah Blah and cost money. LOL. I know the feeling, been watching the different sites but just to busy to get on most of the time. Going to try and get back to being a regular someday.
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        Maybe just create a sub on Reddit? The price is right.


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          Reddit policies are way too Anti-freedom of speach. Maybe not quite as bad as TraceBook, but close.
          Defund the Media !


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            Whenever you dance in someone else's barn ya gotta dance to their music.
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              Facebook and google need to be classified as a publisher sense they are censoring people. Right now now they are classified as a platform which gives immunity from liability. That should not be seeing they are censoring people.

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