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Charlie's Requiem: Democide

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  • Charlie's Requiem: Democide

    I finished this up this morning and I have to say it is fantastic. The authors have balanced providing more info about the world of the Going Home series with not going overboard and giving it all away too soon. The cast of characters is growing but is not too unwieldy. We are also finding out more about characters introduced in the first volume. Some have made it home while others still have far to go. As with the original I have been tracking their travels using online maps so that I have a better idea of the ground that they are covering.

    This is a great addition to the overall series. I really love the big picture aspect and the view from withing the belly of the beast. I am already impatient for the next in the series.

    I posted this review to Amazon as well.
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    Didn't even know about this one. Will have to read it ASAP


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      Damn Joe, it just came out yesterday. Whaja do, read over their shoulders as it was written?
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        Got it on Tuesday the 23rd just minutes after AA mentioned it on Facebook. I had some free time and plowed right through it. It was hard not to keep reading.


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          Thanks for the review Joe, glad you liked it.
          I'm drunk tonith.


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            Is there a particular reason why guns were not picked up in certain situations? When Charlie and her group shoot it out with the guys in the street they pick up the rifles...but later when they stop Beker from getting raped by the Hispanics they leave them.

            Also when Trey and Will save Gerry and Ed from the DHS guys there is no mention of stripping them of weapons, ammo, etc...


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              I just finished Book 1 and had no idea Book 2 is out, unfortunately I just purchased Hope so will need to get through that before I get back to Charlie and her group, but what a great start!!! If my current rate of consumption of AA's books keeps up, I should be on to it by next weekend, lol.