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Foreign hackers prove capable of crippling U.S. electric grid

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  • Foreign hackers prove capable of crippling U.S. electric grid

    "System control center operators work beneath giant monitors at an electricity center in Ohio. Security experts say hackers have already taken enough critical data to knock out power to millions of homes."

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    Fox news talked on this topic this morning , a dam was hacked to . An what the government wants to have , a back door to look into encrypted computer chat will make it even easier from the bad guys to access our systems , so plan for a cold hell on earth some day if this happens .

    Fox had a CEO of computer security co. and he did not paint a rosy picture on this . The worry has always been EMP but why spend the money on that project when a computer can screw your enemy .
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      People in the IT world (especially inside of, or supporting the military, guv't, and infrastructure,) have been saying it for years. It's why we keep backups of our backups, but NOT "in the cloud." We also snoop our own home network, and know which cable to pull out, and when, to isolate our networks as soon as we see illicit activity. This isn't just for people who have a server, print server, and monster home network running from a corner of the living room. Even if you only have one system, make sure that if you pull that ONE cable, no more signal in or out til you've removed the problem, closed the ports, checked your registry, all dat stuff. You can bet it doesn't take long to put my hand on that cable either.

      And if your big company job or your little company you worked hard to build depends on that network, be prepared to pull the cable there too. Though you might end up having arguments with people who are streaming radio, updating facebook, checking their emails, it's worth it to protect your accounts and other data.
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        For those that want to get in they will, only a matter of time and patience. It also doesn't help that our government and military use antiquated computer software and equipment.
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          Not always, not saying what platform of storage is being secured, or where, but there are some data backups so old the .mil is scrambling to find working equipment to read them with. Have to read it to know if it's nothing - destroy, something - but reclassify lower and move to modern, or "hoo-boy!" - keep it right where it's at for classification and move it to modern.

          Keeps life interesting.
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