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AA spotted on trailer History Channel show Alone

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  • AA spotted on trailer History Channel show Alone

    I think it Airs June 18 10pm

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    Yeah, we saw a trailer on tv the other day and the Hostile Native caught it and pointed it out to me.

    Looks like he was telling the truth about doing a tv show. Who'da thunk it?

    = 2

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      cool trailer can't wait to see it. But man did ya'll read the comments, what a bunch of haters
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      Past is dead and gone
      Don't try to shake it just nod your head
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        Those people were hating like hell in the comments. None of em have the balls to try though I'm sure


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          There's already folks trying to straighten them out about "15 man camera crews."
          quam minimum credula postero


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            There will always be haters. I don't give a crap. If they read the info they'd see there's no crew but some of these shows have given the rest a bad rap. No matter what we say some will still say we're sleeping in hotels and eating hot food.
            I'm drunk tonith.


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              Damn. and I had a side bet going that this whole thing was a cover story for a super secret mission you had going for the Illuminati ZOG. What??? It made sense to me at the time!
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                The only physical activity those hating colostomy bags get is jumping to conclusions ,trolling the internet ,and running their mouths .
                RIF reading is fundamental .

                OH Boy.....did you try plugging it in ?