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  • Many thanks to AA

    Just wanted to post a BIG Thank you to AA for the dedication you wrote in book 5. We got behind in 2014 because of the crap we went through so we didn't get book 5 till now. (we have book 6 but didn't want to spoil it by jumping ahead) I read it yesterday and noticed the dedication so I called the wife and read it to her..... there was silence on the other end of the line....She was crying! (thanks AA) no really we were so touched by it! just wanted to say a BIG Thanks again to all here who supported us through a really rough time in our lives. Thankfully she caught it early and had her surgery ASAP and is doing very well now. She is loving life and can spend lots of time with the grandkids! Thanks again to all of you! And Fuck Cancer!!!
    Book 5 dedication.JPG
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