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  • Just started 'Forsaking...'

    Since Aunt & Uncle 'Roach' turned me on to the 'Going Home' series, I've purchased and read books I-III. I don't own the rest yet, but am impatient to find out what is going to happen next. Imagine the excitement when the 'Roaches' showed up to my house and loaned me the last 4 books. Blessed to be related to such generous people. After first starting the series, my college aged daughter picked it up, and has completed the first book. The book inspired her to put together an emergency/first-aid/survival pack to keep in the trunk of her car. Me personally, I was inspired to buy a new pair of camo pants.

    Since we live in North FL, we could identify visually with the route. We have often entertained the ideas of what would things really be like if/ when SHTF, and I think A.A. gives a pretty accurate prediction, under the circumstances given in the book. I've really enjoyed the characters as they've developed, especially Little Bit, Thad, and Jess. And, as I get to know them better, the suspense seems to get more and more intense.

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    I'm reading Forsaking Home now as well. The first book hooked me and I'm addicted!

    I live in Central FL and I think that's one of the things I like so much about these books is that most of it is in my own back yard practically. I can relate to some of it (although I'm a transplant from S. FL./Miami). I've never gone camping but now I'm interested in trying that out as well.

    Glad you like the books. It's always great to connect with fans.