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Who were you suprised enjoyed it?

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  • Who were you suprised enjoyed it?

    My almost 68yo mother picked up my signed HB copy when she was here last week for C & W's graduation.
    She had started it the afternoon before her flight to go home. Her comment was "I should've started reading this a couple of days ago!"

    Well, no help for it. Had to make her take it with her to read on the flight, with the request - "Please at some point get it back to me." :blink:

    She got home late Thursday due to some airline snafus, so they delayed leaving for Montana until Friday morning. That turned out to be a blessing - otherwise it's very likely they would've been on the bridge in WA when it collapsed. hmy:

    So they left early Friday morning for the drive to Montana for their annual "critter" shoot. Mom said she was anxious to get there so she could resume reading (can't read in a moving road vehicle).

    It boils down to she did not go shooting on Sunday, nor get ANYTHING else done, because she could NOT put the book down. She LOVED it! B) :cheer:

    She's now passed it on to her boyfriend to read, as it rained all day Monday and the "critters" don't show when it rains.

    She now anxiously awaits Book 2 in a paper format.

    I was surprised that she liked, as it's not her normal genre. Hopefully it will open more conversations.
    Pastemistress. Now aka Mimi