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  • Morgan's parents

    Newby to the forum. Posted on the FB page but I was wondering if we will ever hear about Morgan's or Mel's parents. We hear that Morgan's folks are pretty self reliant. Will he ever get a chance to check on them in a future book? Did I miss reading about them somewhere in 1-6?

    Please move thread if it belongs elsewhere. Thanks!
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    You didn't miss it. It's something I've been thinking about and will show up at some point. It's a logistical nightmare for Morgan to get to them. You'll get a taste of that in the next book.
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      I poked around on the google maps one day after reading about the location of Morgan's parents and thought that would have been an interesting several chapters with Morg and some others taking the water route to get to them.


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        Some background on Morgan's/Mel's parents might fit in to a prequel, along with some background on the other majors...Sarge and company, Thad, etc. This came up on the FB page too...i'm likin' the idea more and more.


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          Almost 3 years and 4 books later, we have resolution. I won't say any more than that in case someone is reading this before reading Book 10.
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