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  • A question for AA

    First off I would like to say I enjoyed all three of the book in the going home series and looking forward to your next one. But I do have a question; why didnít they just drain the gas tanks from the abandon vehicles? With all those abandon cars you would think there would be a lot of gas for the taking.

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    Hi Tennessee,
    We all have questions like this that we have wanted answers to, but AA likes to keep us guessing.

    We are glad you are here though. If you would like to, we have a "Welcome Mat" section. Go on up and introduce yourself so we can get to know you. If you decide to hang out a while, you will find all sorts of usefull information on this site that may help you get better prepared for whatever comes down the pike.

    Have a great day.

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      Operational security. Stopping for half an hour to hunt for gas on an open roadside in the conditions witnessed by week two would be problematic at best.

      Then there's the possibility that most of the gas had been drained early on by those that realized that "there would be a lot of gas for the taking." so why bother

      Or they just didn't have a siphon hose.
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        If I am in the middle of nowhere, and have limited containers, having water in them is likely to do me more good.
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          Oh, and don't waste time with siphon hoses, get underneath with container, pop the lowest point with a screwdriver, let drain while you go pop the next one. Don't get caught, don't get shot.
          quam minimum credula postero


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            Welcome aboard Tennessee. As to your question, it could have been, it's another source. I just not to go that route, gas could be there, or as others said maybe someone else got to it first. The fact that you know to do it or at least are thinking about it puts you miles ahead of most.

            Glad you're here.
            I'm drunk tonith.


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              I like that AA leaves some parts up to the reader. Kind of like filling in the holes with "I would do or have done this" or "this is what happened"


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                Originally posted by reddawnspokane View Post
                I like that AA leaves some parts up to the reader. Kind of like filling in the holes with "I would do or have done this" or "this is what happened"
                Right on. It'd be impossible to cover every angle, and hit all of the "what if's"; furthermore, if AA had tried--I think it would make the story tough to read. Just my $.02!



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                  this was the question we kept asking ourselves as we listened to the audio book. They don't even check the vehicles in the neighborhood! And trading food? food for gas is a bad trade. A single parking lot at the local grocery store probably would yield the 75 gallons.


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                    Curious, why is food for gas a bad trade?