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  • Question about Surviving Home

    In the story, Morgans neighbor has an accident with a chainsaw. While dressing his wound, Morgan writes a "T" on the bandage and the time of day. What does the "T"on stand for?

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    Time, I believe. So the next person would know exactly what it was and when it had been tended to. I believe that was for the torniquet. They have to be looosened every so often on a set schedule.

    I may have my facts wrong on this.

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      Actually its the tourniquet time. You always track the time you have one on because its a maximum time before you have tissue degradation and possibly the loss of the limb.


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        It's a good habit to mark the time a tourniquet is applied. If the person is unconscious, and may for some harebrained reason be left unattended even for a few minutes, mark it right on their face, and the time on the limb, above the bandaging.

        It's a bitch to wash off, but it will get noticed.
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          It's time. people used to believe a limb needed to flow sub-hour... in reality, Iraq taught us it can be HOURS without (more) problems.


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            and you never release a touriquet
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              Correct, it was for the time the tourniquet was applied, it's the way I was taught many years ago. As already stated, recent experience has shown just how valuable they can be. By marking the time the attending emergency staff will have some idea of how long it's been on.
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                If i remember correctly, morgan used some kind of premade tourniquet (C.A.T. perhaps?). Is it bad that when Long Howard came back from the doc all i could think of was... So... where is morgan's Tourny? did morgan ever replace it with a backup? I have two (CAT) in my pack, just for this reason