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lets discus the Russian special forces mentioned in book 7

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  • lets discus the Russian special forces mentioned in book 7

    Ok, in book 7 we learned the Russian special forces were all ready in the u.s.
    I read a comment about this that had been posted some where and it got me to thinking.
    What do we know about Dalton? He worked in corrections. His weapon when he showed up, a Kalashnikov. He displayed knowledge of military weaponry and fire discipline in the attack where Jeff was killed. Has knowledge and skill in hand to hand and bladed weapons combat. Improvised weapons (killing Billys boy with the e-tool).knowledge of forign languages, ability to spot sniper hides and tracking.
    Knowledge of carrying out military patrols. And I cant help but feel ive left some things out.
    All of this with no mention of military background, only worked in corrections and never mentioning where he came from.
    And I have to say it struck me as odd, he really seemed to enjoy the battle and killing in book 7 when he looked at Morgan, covered in his enemys blood without a scratch on him and said" fun isnt it".
    And the way he tied the DHS guy up after Sarge was done with him, seemed more like something that would be used for interrogation. Not just restraint by a corrections officer.
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    In reality, there are several hundred former Spetznaz immigrants in the U.S. Most of them were from GRU oriented brigades, but some were naval and intel. There has been multitudes of conspiracy theories as well. One such CT purported that they were moving heavy armor in the Smoky Mtns.

    It is particularly hard for former foriegn operators to immigrate here openly. I'd put their numbers in the 10k range all combined. I'd also say for every one of them here, another 12 or so were denied visas. There is no way to know who is a sleeper, nor their numbers, so the above numbers were attached to the caveat 'openly'. The latter group would obviously be here illegally.

    Of the legal ones, I know a few. They are reluctant by nature to discuss openly their past, given the automatic suspicion applied by most folks when the learn of their past. Given that, it would in my experience, be totally out of character for such a person to fess up early and openly to such a past.
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      Also, our own veterans (career or shorter term,) often gravitate toward law enforcement, security, and corrections work.
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        I was honestly really really concerned about Dalton when he first showed up, still not sure how I feel about him, but I think I would actually trust him at this point. Given that in the book it was said that the GRUs were working with the remnants of the DHS and other parts of the tyrannical regime, Dalton has killed a good sufficient number of them to make me think he isn't on their side.
        I do think there is far more to Dalton's story than we may ever know, but then again; maybe Dalton is just that one crazy bachelor that went out and took classes upon classes upon classes, adding to that training every weekend, he ends up being uniquely suited to this new life.
        But then again, maybe Dalton was GRU but turned rogue (like Ted, Doc, and Mikey) as soon as his boots hit ground?