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Just finished book VI

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  • Just finished book VI

    WTH A. American, way to leave a guy hanging in a pissed off mood.

    Better get on the ball with VII. I hadn't even heard of this series a month ago and in less than 30 days I have killed all 6 books.

    Great read, good information without the overload of tech specs that some SHTF writers tend to put in.
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    Thanks man, glad you liked them. 7 is coming, I'm working on it. But don't expect to feel any better at the end of this one!
    I'm drunk tonith.


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      Hopefully there will be some more uplifting moments somewhere in the books. I particularly liked the scenes where the group was together for a meal. Once in Morgan's house, once at the cabins and again for the pig roast. They all made me reflect on how much like family they had all become. Each having their own way about them and all making contributions to the greater good. Only after something like that can you piss us off with the action of some government scum and leave us with a cliff hanger.


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        That's the sign of a good author. ..always leave em drooling for the next installment.
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          I fully agree. I have NEVER read an entire series of books before this and at my age that is saying a lot. When is book 7 coming out?? I finished 6 books in a month. Couldn't put it down. Just found out about these at the beginning of October 2015. I highly recommend them to everyone I know.


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            I'm glad you guys are enjoying them. It's coming. Big things happen in this one!
            I'm drunk tonith.


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              well quit yapping on here and hurry up already! LOL
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                +1 on the hanging in a pissed off mood and +1 on the hurry up already! I just finished the 6th book and wow! Just wow!

                Great series and and awesome writing!