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Morgan's Breakfast Burrito Recipe

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  • Morgan's Breakfast Burrito Recipe

    I tried making a breakfast burrito a couple weeks ago which wasn't that great. Morgan in book 3 (maybe 2 also) made some for Sarge and the guys which they enjoyed. Any ideas on the recipe?

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    Popular options for breakfast tacos or burritos (depending on the size of the tortilla,) in Texas include all kinds of things.

    Eggs and:
    Mexican style chorizo, not the Spanish or Portuguese kind
    steak or chicken fajitas (steak for me!)
    pork carnitas
    carne guisada
    refried beans
    potatoes, diced & fried, not shredded
    onions - fresh or grilled
    bell peppers - grilled with the onions
    shredded cheese
    hot sauce

    Or refried beans and potatoes, maybe cheese & hot sauce.
    Some just take the beans & cheese. Or any two or three items, usually just one meat (if any.)

    I finally got my regular place to make mine on the size of tortilla you usually only see wrapped around a big lunch or dinner. Two scoops of eggs, beans, potatoes, onions 3 or 4 strips of bacon, hot sauce, and cheese (before most of the cheese brands added natamicin.) Enough people saw what I was getting and wanted it, they had to add it to the menu. I can only eat like that when I'm starving though, usually just taco size, with eggs & bacon, or beans and potatoes with bacon.

    A soft, thick, warm, homemade tortilla and fluffy scrambled eggs always pull it together.
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      The guys I used to work with at the feed lot would bring them in all the time. I picked up their habbit.

      It was eggs as a base then any vegetable, pepper or meat that was left over from dinner before. They would use enchilada sauce in them and then a salsa or hot sauce.

      They would eat a burrito, breakfast or otherwise, with a Serrano in one had and a burrito in the other. Alternate bites.

      They were always heavy on onion, peppers, potato, and sausage. They were never the same twice.
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        Moose - it might help if you gave more specifics as to WHY yours didn't turn out that great - as in what you didn't like about it.

        Too bland, too dry, too wet, fell apart?
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          ...not enough chile, red or green .
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            Need some Cilantro and Pico de Gallo! translation : Beak of the Rooster
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              I did a search for recipes before my disaster but they were too fancy. So, I just threw some eggs, cooked sausage, and cheese into a tortilla and called it a day. I was able to eat mine but no one else could stomach it. I like the suggestions above and will give it another try. Thanks!


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                Eggs sausage and cheese works for me!

                Good luck. It does not have to be complicated at all. Most of what we do is leftovers held together by eggs topped with salsa.


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                  Moose, you also have to keep in mind the time and place that Sarge and the boys had their burritos in. Now, I'm not saying they were good, I do make some pretty damn tasty burritos, but in a world such a thing is a rarity, getting one in any condition is a treat.
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                    Point well made.


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                      Eggs, sausage & cheese would get eaten up fast enough at my house. We like pork!
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                        Out here a breakfast burrito is typically a flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, fried potato and either sausage or bacon. Sometimes they are filled with pico de gallo or salsa fresca. I'm not a huge fan, I'd rather have Enchaladas Rancheras which is basically really good gooey yellow cheese enchaladas with fried beans on the side and corn tortillas. Huevos Rancheros is also pretty tasty, fried eggs over corn tortillas, refried beans and salsa generally with rice on the side.
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                          I'm stuck trying to find chorizos up here! God help me, I should have bought a full case on my last trip to Florida.


                          My favorite ones.
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                            You can order that online, it took about 40 seconds to find them..


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                              The RP laughs at how I choose chorizo for him at the grocery store. I find the ones with the shortest ingredient list ("meat, spices, vinegar," or such.) But he says it tastes better than just randomly grabbing a package, like he used to.

                              Sometimes salt will be listed apart from the other seasonings, but it's a good idea to look at serving size, estimate how much will actually be eaten, and decide for yourself if the salt is too high or not.
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