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    As usual I did a check in to my youtube page that followed sun activity and a warning flashed . CME just erupted we have 30 hours to impact , dam I thought better get with it . I grabbed my pistol and a wad of cash with my list for last minute extras and out the door I went . I hooked up the trailer with more gas cans and headed out . I set a timer at 25 hours to make sure all was ready by zero hour . I turned on the radio and there was no report as of yet , I wondered when they would tell people or if they would . I hit the gas station first and had a few questions on why so many cans , well I said it's time to work the tractor doing the fields for planting , OPSEC . I ran the credit card and will do that everywhere until cash only kicks in . I ran into the gun shop to top off a few rounds , told Chris it was time and he started closing up to make his own plans . At that point I called a couple of buddies an told them then it was back to business . Sam's club was next for that last ton of grub , as I pulled in the radio fired up with that alert , as I ran in an got to it I wondered how much time before the crowd showed up . As I walked the first load out to the truck a few cars came flying into the lot , it seems some got it figured out . I was checked out on the second load when it looked like Black Friday so I moved on . I made it home an started unloading , the wife came out to help and said whats left on the list . I told her I think a visit to NAPA for a few parts and top off on oil and filters , I had burn out parts replacements for the vehicle's in a cage but better safe than sorry . Later we watched the TV to see what was happening , the president made a nice speech but was mostly bull . As people got the word and were heading for supplies it was hour 18 and most of the stores were already limited an it was a mess . At hour 25 there were gun fights with gangs moving in to grab all they could , police were overwhelmed by this time . I had locked the gate hours ago with a sign stating the road was to a toxic dump . The camera's around the property were working good an glad I made that investment . As zero hour arrived the TV and power went dead , it was lights out . I'd wait a couple of days before using any back up power to operate the radios . At night we watched the northern lights as a sign for the blast weakening . I keep a watch on the gate and road for foot traffic an it was a sad sight to see . In a week the traffic was way down , the sign on the gate worked so far .

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    Have you started a war I haven't heard about yet?

    Oh, I see... in the Fiction/Story section. Well, I guess you're off to a running start.


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      I asked him how his trip was , well he said a real eye opener and thanks to you I'm here to be able to talk about it . I nodded an he said it was a mess out there for awhile , it's settled down but you have to watch your step in some places . It took me awhile to map out how I was going to get here , I have a few people that are willing to form up a group to start some farming and learning the ropes . I know we talked about it a little but had to see how you felt and if you needed us around to help you . I looked and smiled at him an said been waiting for you lol .
      I had to know more about how things were out there and if it was the right time , didn't want to telegraph our location to soon . He said it had been hard to stay out of the fray and keep a low profile as things got worse . It was crazy bad and the Government couldn't handle it at all , haven't seen them in some time . Small groups had formed up but things are strand , this CME had knocked the country back on it's heels . A lot of the population has died but if we don't start working on the plan we'll join them .


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        Like olfart, I was about half way through the first post before I realized that it was in the Fiction section. My thoughts prior to that were that airdrop had gone over the edge.
        Defund the Media !!


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          If I ever come in this forum and say this is not a drill , take heed , LOL but for now it's just for fun . By the way if a CME does erupt it'll take about 30 hours for it to get here , might be just enough time to top off and batten down .