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    The Flooding

    There's a gal on youtube that I watch and she has been doing Keto , has helped her a lot , good luck

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    How can you prepare ???

    I've read part of it, it can be a bit dry at times. As far as lists go, I expect I'm on all of them. The book is good to have though as it puts a lot

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    How can you prepare ???

    Interesting. Sounds like a non-fiction version of Unintended Consequences or Surviving Home. I wonder how many notches up THE LIST you get moved when

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    The Flooding

    Perfect timing! Wife just put us on the Keto diet, so we can't eat bread/wheat products anyway. Best part is, it's working. Down 14 pounds in 6 weeks,

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    The Flooding

    You mean people might notice?

    I'm guessing they'll try to up their circus game, to cover for the lack of bread.

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