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What Potentially Lies Ahead of the USA


  • What Potentially Lies Ahead of the USA

    Troubling Times Lie Ahead Of Us All

    What follows is my opinion on where we stand and where we, as a nation, may be heading. It is in no way a call to, or endorsement of violence in any form.

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    I think it's finally time to write this article, though I truly do not relish what I'm about to say here. As a writer I spend a lot time doing research. Most of what I study I refer to as modern or recent history. Much of which is still being wrote as you read this article. Places like Greece, Venezuela and Ukraine. Of these, I want to draw your attention to Ukraine. For what has been taking place there since 2014 gives a glimpse into what may, may very possibly await us in just the next couple of months.

    I will not spend a lot of time going over what happened and is happening in Ukraine. With that said, a little info is necessary. In 2014 a protest took place in Kiev in the Maidan, a central square in Kiev. The protest was the result of the then President turning down a deal with the EU in favor of one with Russia. Shortly after, the protests started and it wasn't long before the President was ousted. This is a very simplified explanation as you can imagine. The real interesting thing about the protests is that they were fomented by our own State Department.

    Now that may not be news to many. Our government interferes in the internal politics of nations the world over. But this time, there is clear evidence of the lies they told the entire world. I highly recommend you watch this series of videos, Roses Have Thorns.. This is a long series of videos that show chronologically what took place and who the actors are.

    So what does events in Ukraine have to do with us? I firmly believe we are on the same track, to civil war. Crazy right? That's what you're probably saying. But if you watch the videos, what you will see is a clear division created in the country. The Right Sector, nationalist Ukrainians and the people of the Crimea and eastern region who favored closer ties with Russia. Again, you're asking, what does this have to do with us?

    For the last eight years our President has been fomenting the exact same kind of us and them mentality. We are being primed to pick sides. As a result of this, there is a nationalist movement here in the US. I am a Nationalist. I believe we live in the greatest nation on the face of the planet since the beginning of time. With that said, I am not an ultra nationalist or extreme nationalist. I believe there is room in this great nation for all views and beliefs.

    But I fear, as the wedge is drove deeper and deeper into our country, our views will narrow. Nationalism, contrary to the current popular opinion, is good. Pride in your nation, pride of your people. These are good things. In moderation. Going too far either side is not good and leads only to hate and blood shed. We must temper our attitudes and opinions. And this will not be easy as our opponents will not. They will, as they always have, go to the extreme of the extreme. We will need to defend ourselves from them, but we must not become like them. We must remain loyal to our core values of freedom, independence and an open society.

    Again, I can hear you shaking your heads saying, That will never happen here. And yet again, I urge you, take the time and watch the series of videos I linked earlier. The people of Ukraine never saw it coming either and as a result, part of the nation is in open warfare. But this violence took years to manifest. Sure there was violence early on, but it was limited, though brutal. This is where I see the real distinction between the US and what happened in Ukraine. The US has over 300 million firearms in private hands. When violence starts here, it will become horrifyingly brutal and violent in a very short time.

    People will pick sides. Some will line up on the left, others on the right. Unfortunately for those on the left who have been so violent already, the right will have most of the those guns as we are the ones who own them. A recent article in the Natural News, which I urge you also read, spells out another view of our possible future. While I agree with some of what they have to say, I see things happening a little differently.

    In the article the Health Ranger Mike Adams peaks over the current of future events to lay out a very dire prediction. One which sadly, could become fact. In his article he says no matter who wins the election, there will be unprecedented violence. Please read the article. Please share it and get others to read it. Share the Roses Have Thorns on your social media telling your friends and family to watch it. It is a bit of an investment to watch it all, but well worth the time.

    In Mike's article he also mentions the rightwing of our country turning to their guns to try and save our country. And, this could happen. But people better think long and hard about it. This is the last resort. Because once we pass the Rubicon, there is no turning back. And to that point, I'm sure some of you are saying, bring it! Let's start this now! We have the guns and we're ready! And, as I stated earlier, the right may have most of the guns in the country, they don't have them all. The left will have them too.

    And while we have most of the guns, I want you to think about all those purchases of guns and ammo the various departments of the Federal Government have made in recent years. In Ukraine the Right Sector started with sticks, bats and pipes. But once they had a favorable government in place, they were given military grade hardware. I'm not talking about the much maligned semi-auto assault rifle. I'm talking about real battle rifles. Kalashnikovs, AK-47s. They also got RPG's, PK and PKM machineguns as well as the AGS 30 belt fed grenade launchers. And this wasn't the limit. They acquired armor, tanks and artillery. So dear reader, for a moment, put your tin foil firmly on your head and follow me into the land of conspiracy fantasy.

    What if Hilary Clinton is elected President and there is a popular uprising and things turn against her? What if, the majority of the military and law enforcement go against her? But you can be certain, there will be plenty of them that will, simply follow orders. Now, with things not going her way, who's to say that these thousands of weapons and billions of rounds of ammo doesn't find it's way into the hands of those who now believe she can do no wrong? What then?

    Well, then it will be wholesale slaughter. In Ukraine, those that wanted to side with Russia were called separatists by the world at large. But in Ukraine they were called terrorists and the government used every opportunity to reinforce that view. Who do you think the terrorists will be here?

    Keep in mind, this could also happen if Trump is elected, and probably more so. As Mike states in his article, if Trump wins the left will go mad. The violence we've seen to this point will look like a grade school playground fight. They won't just be blocking roads and spitting on people. The handful of shootings of LEO we've seen will probably increase dramatically, as well as attacks on those viewed as rightwing. In reality, this could be the far more dangerous course. Because Trump could call for people to stand up and defend our nation, to root out the terrorists. He may also support the formation of People's Militias or something similar. It will become us and them.

    The flashpoint in Ukraine was the Odessa Massacre that took place on May 2 2014. A group of Pro Russian activists were having a rally at the state building in Odessa. The Right Sector bused in hundreds of what were often referred to as, football ultras. These were ultra rightwing nationalists. Primarily young men, very violent young men. They chased the activists into the state building and then set it on fire. A lucky few hid on the roof of the building and survived. Forty-six that were not so lucky died. (Though there are claims more than a hundred died) Many from smoke inhalation, but also, according to the medical examiner, from poisonous gas. Many were beaten to death and many were shot. People jumped from the upper floors, four and five stories up. When then landed, if they didn't die, they were assaulted by the mob.

    Now imagine for a moment something like this happening here. And it doesn't matter if it's the left or the right that does it. It will lead to the same place, civil war. Imagine your fellow American's killing, raping, burning and brutalizing you or your family and friends, simply because you have a different political view. Now, imagine our government, no matter who is in power, actually supporting and encouraging it. Can't happen? Funny, the people in Ukraine said the same thing in 2014.

    Kidnappings and assassination are commonplace in Ukraine now. Imagine it here. Residential districts in rebel controlled areas are routinely shelled by artillery, GRAD multi-launch rocket systems, aircraft and attack helicopters. Imagine that taking place in your neighborhood. But you're going to stay out of it you say. You're not going to pick sides. Then neither side will have sympathy for you. Soldiers moving through your neighborhood may shoot you, brutalize you, your wife or kids. They may steel your money, food or anything else they want. You could be targeted simply for the neighborhood you live in. Again, it doesn't matter which side is holding the gun when you're staring down the barrel.

    But the real question is, will you even have a choice? Or will you be forced to pick a side just to reduce the potential number of those trying to kill you? No way, right? Couldn't happen, right? Are you sure? Willing to bet your life on it? You better be. I know no one want's to think about this. None of us really want this happen, yes I know a lot you say you want it to. But I cannot stress enough how absolutely terrible our lives will become when this starts, and it will start. The only question is, who is going to start it? And more importantly, what are you going to do about it?

    How are you going to feed your family? What are you going to do when you can't go to work? In Ukraine the government stopped paying people in the east of the country their benefits. So imagine, our own government stopping things like Social Security payments to certain parts of the country. Electricity, television broadcasts and gas supplies were also cut. Imagine losing power and having no way to keep your food, no access to money and the possibility of your water being cut as well, all because you live in the wrong neighborhood or state.

    Can you protect yourself? I know many of you have guns, but that isn't enough. Do you have the manpower to keep watch 24/7? You have to go to sleep at some point. That neighbor you're been feuding with certainly be watching and waiting. You will need a group, no man, no family is an island. If you haven't done it yet, start preparing yourself for a much different life. Store food, water, hygiene and medical supplies. Think of the women in your life and store their hygiene products, in quantity. Having a box of Band-Aids or a pack of maxi pads isn't going to cut it.

    This is the event horizon. We're here I believe, though I honestly and truly pray I'm wrong. The time is short and there is much yet to do.
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