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Is Syria where WW III will start?


  • Is Syria where WW III will start?

    As the drums of war sound across the globe today, is Syria where what would surely be the worst war in human history begin? President Obama and his leash dog John Kerry insist they do not need Congressional or UN approval to begin a unilateral war. The UN chemical weapons teams were unable to inspect some sites because of sniper fire. Secretary Kerry said the "delay" in allowing inspectors to the site proved the government of Assad has something to hide. Sniper fire surely can cause a delay, but I doubt seriously anyone knows who was firing those shots.

    All the noise being made over the recent chemical attack, and rightly so, is very reminiscent of George Bush's claims against Saddam in Iraq. But I suppose that since this time it's Obama making the claims we are to believe them. There is no denying the attack, however there is plenty of fog surrounding who is responsible. Both the Assad government and the rebels are pointing fingers at one another. It's odd that the UN team arrived in Damascus on Sunday and the attack occurred immediately after. Why would the military launch an attack when investigators are there for that very thing? Why were non of the doctors wearing protective equipment? Why were non of the victims or rescuers decontaminated? And one of the biggest questions, for me, why were there two nearly simultaneous claims from separate opposition groups that the government was responsible?

    Sarin is the agent in question in the attack. It is an odor and colorless liquid that evaporates at about the same rate as water. Developed in 1938 in Germany as an insecticide it has since been turned into a weapons grade nerve agent. Exposure can occur a number of ways, through breathing in vapor, getting into mucus membranes and even direct contact with skin. Exposure to the agent in any form will cause symptoms. The treatment, from the CDC website is as follows:

    Administration of antidotes is a critical step in managing a nerve agent victim; however, this may be difficult to achieve in the Hot Zone, because the antidotes may not be readily available, and procedures or policies for their administration while in the Hot Zone may be lacking. If the military Mark I kits containing autoinjectors are available, they provide the best way to administer the antidotes. One autoinjector automatically delivers 2 mg atropine and the other automatically delivers 600 mg 2-PAM Cl. Otherwise, administer antidotes as described in Table 3.

    Symptoms are numerous, from pin point pupils to convulsions. The way the gas works is it blocks an enzyme that turns muscles off. Without this enzyme many victims convulse until the body simply can no longer move and they suffocate.

    The attack was inexplicably horrible, who did it remains to be seen. What is known is that it will draw the US into combat with the Syrian forces. We will be siding with the very people we are fighting right now in Afghanistan, the rebels having recently announced loyalty to Al Qaeda. Russia and China both stand in the way of a UN Security Counsel vote, backing Assad. When Cruise Missiles start landing in Damascus are they going to stand aside and watch? Or are they going to come to the aid of their ally? The real wild card in the whole mess is Iran. They will surely seize the opportunity to attack US military assets in the region. There are already rumors of the turmoil spilling over into Iraq. The stage is set, the pieces are on the board and first move is about to be made.

    All reports from Washington say the attack is imminent, any day now the shooting will start for us. The response of the Russians and Chinese will be the determining factor in how the world will look next week. I would highly recommend stocking up on fuel, the price of crude is projected to go up to $150, funny how the oil companies always know the top of the market before these things actually happen.
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